Hail to the Chief’s, my fellow Americans and dear readers around the world!

What do John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush have in common outside of being a former President of the United States of America? Members of Skull and Bones? The Freemasons? The Buildeburg Group? Take off your tin foil hat you crazy conspiracy nut you… the answer is actually much more fun!

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These five men have now been immortalized as 8 inch action figures thanks to the incredibly talented crew at Figures Toy Company! And the even best part is that they are the first series meaning of course that there are more on the way. Speaking with Figures Toy Company owner Anthony Balasco, I’m happy to share with you the upcoming releases that really touch both a patriotic and history nut nerve.

Joining the first five figures next month will be former President Barack Obama and current Commander in Chief, Donald J. Trump. And it gets better and better as the year rolls along. Series 3 will bring us the 70’s all stars of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Also in that assortment will be one of the most revered Presidents; Abraham Lincoln. And while I really dig those, Series 4 has me even more stoked as a collector and home-school teacher to my daughter. Let’s now step back to the leaders of the Greatest Generation as we can expect to see 8 inch representations of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower. And to sweeten that assortment even more, our nations first president George Washington will be brought to toy life s well.

I can not tell a lie, these really do tickle me to no end and I am so very pleased that Figures Toy Company has taken this project on for the 21st Century collector. Some of you may recall having seen other such presidential tributes from way back win. A few that stand out to me are:

1. The Classic Marx Line of Mini Figurines

2. RT’s Heroes of the American Revolution

3. 12 inch Leaders of the World

I’ve always appreciated those but honestly none of them really appealed to me. What can I say? I really like the 8 inch format from Figures toy Company and those others were never complete, all inclusive sets. With these new World’s Greatest Presidents from Figures Toy Company, the hope is high that they will indeed be producing all of our past Presidents, so long as the interest remains. So far signs are good that that will be the case

Why I am so adamant in suggesting these 8 inch American leaders

The quick answer is these are great educational toys for your kids and grandkids. Being a home-school parent and a history buff I think this is such a wonderful and perfect example of how toys can teach. Plus, how cool is it that thanks to Figures Toy Company, you can begin creating your own Hall of Presidents? Just like Disney only better! And to note, this whole thing (this article, the videos, the contest) is not a paid or endorsed project. It’s 100% from me in my hopes of seeing you introduce these toys to your kids, family and friends. However when you do make an order, dropping this article and my name would be appreciated.

And to sweeten the pie, I’ve created a contest where you can kick off your Hall of Presidents on me. Here’s the full skinny:

Jim’s Toy Box, World’s Greatest Presidents Action Figure Giveaway

How to enter.. numerous ways because its more fun that way….

I’ll do a random drawing on March 18th, 2019 LIVE on Facebook to select the winner. And here is how you get your name in the hat (even multiple times)….

Give us a LIKE and Follow at Jim’s Toy Box Facebook Page

Share your favorite mini vid below on Facebook of the currently available presidents (you can share more than one and each share is an extra entry)

See all the mini vids HERE via our YouTube Channel

And for an extra ten (10) entries, write me a brief paragraph or two as to which President is your most favorite and why. While my adult collectors are certainly welcome to play, I really, really, really hope to see you get your kids and grand kids to play along too!

The Prize? Your pick from any of the 5 presidents that are currently available and all that I ask is that you send me a pic or two of you hanging out with your favorite Commander in Chief..

*This contest is not sponsored or endorsed by Figures Toy Company. It is solely the outreach of myself and the Toy Box for the purpose of injecting some fun and spreading the word on these fantastic toys that can teach.

With that directive I say to all of you my fellow Americans and 8 inch action figure lovers….

Now, Go Play!

Jim 02/18/19

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