Action Figure Work Day March 3rd, 2017 #AFWD2017 The best new holiday in the history of plastic!




Are you ready to play? I know I sure am! I’m still debating on who is going to enjoy the day with me tomorrow. Lots of options to be found in the Toy Box for sure so the selection process is a tough one. Do I go with something newly acquired such as the Figures Toy Company “Penguin” from the 1966 Batman series? Or maybe the $3 beater Captain Rex from the Clone Wars I also picked up for at Visioncon? Or do I dig out one of my favorites that I’ve had forever such as the Mego Green Arrow that my loving and understanding wife got me for Christmas back in 2009? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Maybe I should go pick up something new today? Expand my horizons… hmmmmm…..

What about you? Are you going to play tomorrow and with who? And to all my non-action figure friends out there in social media land, I challenge you to stop by the toy aisle sometime today or tomorrow and browse around. See what’s out there that may catch your eye. Pick it up and take one day to play. Could make for some great conversation for you tomorrow at the day job. May even help you learn more about the people you work with? Conversations started lead to great findings. And with a action figure as your subject matter, I’ll bet you same said conversation can’t help but be positive. I think it’s safe to say we could all use more of that mindset in our day to day activities!

Now Go Play! – Jim 03/02/17

Get connected with the official Action Figure at Work Day page on Facebook and share your pics and thoughts. All the cool kids are doing it!

AND do like actually just did… get your NEW Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee in Mallrats) Action Figure TODAY from Entertainment Earth. It may not be here in time for tomorrow but you’ll be totally ready for next year 😉



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