Day 3 of Jim’s Blind Bag Experiment… PSYCHIC POWERS, ACTIVATE!

So it’s Day 3 and it’s getting interesting as I start to test my PSYCHIC POWERS!!!!!!!! Some call it the law of averagess but they are absolutely NO FUN! 😉 – Jim
Greetings gang! Recently I wrote a blog entry discussing how blind bags are evil. I can prove it now. Well sort of. Okay fine. They sucked me in and I’ve gotten hooked! But, I’m not going blindly into this (pun totally intended). As you mat recall in my un-bagging video that accompanied the blog post, I found the Transformers that were featured, for a mere, and dangerously easy to snatch up, $.50 a piece on clearance at Walmart. Well, I went back for more with the understanding that this was to be a scientific endeavor (yeah, yeah, it’s my world. Let me play.)
But seriously, I was really curious to see if I could put together a full set of the two main series that I scored: Batman vs. Superman and Guardians of the Galaxy. So that’s my intent and I figured it be fun to share this wacky, suspenseful journey. I can’t encourage you to play if I myself don’t do it right? Right! But time is still not always playtime so I had to break up the un-bagging to accommodate the daily duties of the day job and some other fun stuff I am doing such as my early spring cleaning.
That too can be fun for you as I am putting up a bunch of stuff on ebay with low starting bids. Hey, I’m all about the free market doing it’s thing with the final price. And to be honest, I do get a kick out of watching bidding wars. Even the one’s I get caught up in.
So be a pal, have some fun and check ’em out after digging this latest installment of my blind bag obsession, er, um, EXPERIMENT for the benefit of science and all MANKIND! Oh and join me on Facebook YouTube and the regular ole web too for some archived fun.
Now, Go Play!
JIM 02/22/17

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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