Lame Brains Issue #2. A project so good I’m putting my Toy Box where my mouth is!


Kickstarter and other crowd funding projects are a dime a dozen these days. Everybody and their brother has some brilliant idea they want to bring to life but ideas cost money, and most artists don’t have that. And truthfully I don’t feel many should. Now before you think I’m cold hearted and cruel, let me explain: When I say they shouldn’t have the funds to bring a project to life via mine and your money, I mean many of them haven’t either put in the work and effort or they simply don’t have as much talent as they think they do. Cold hard truth, dear reader, but it is what is.

 In this instance however, “Lame Brains Issue#2” and it’s creators most certainly do! “But why, Jim?”  I’m glad you asked…

Max Marx…. my old zombie cowboy with a refreshing new look thanks to Anthony’s pen.

I think the concept is so incredibly unique! And then add in the fact that I LOVE the artwork so much, I personally commissioned Anthony Hunter to do a revamp of my “Maxwell Marx:Zombie Cowboy” Character that I hope ONE DAY to get around to bringing to life via some animated shorts (stay tuned for that one). I may even explore the possibility of producing a comic book first. We shall see. And the biggest thing about that is it shows how this work has inspired my own creativity. That my friends is quite the accomplishment and is, in my opinion the biggest reason to support the project. Karen and Anthony are really doing it right, even if they didn’t realize they were.

See? Fun couple!

And if you visit Karen’s Facebook page, you can see she is working HARD promoting the book at numerous conventions around the country. She’s in it to when it kids, all the while maintaining a real world job and life with her equally fun and cool husband, Gary.


Anthony Hunter: Gifted pen even with lack of Gary.

The same can be said about Anthony although he’s not married to Gary.




Back to Lame Brains Issue #2…..

lb2bI’ll be honest, the pretty pictures are what first caught my eye. I truly love the artwork and style (obviously since I rave about it so much), but also the story is incredibly unique! Frankly, I’ve been burned out on the zombie trend for years but Karen’s spin is so wonderfully refreshing. I love that she addresses the question; “Okay, zombies… but what about the spirit?” That is fantastic to me! I mean really, I’ve never seen anyone play with that concept before and it’s brilliant! And then when you take that dynamic between the two aspects of the character and having them discussing their plight, you have the former girlfriend show up as a zombie killer, that’s an amazing concept to me! And of course funny! Which is even better. And add to all of that, I’ve had the opportunity to meet both Karen and Anthony personally and find them both genuinely GREAT people. I like GREAT people. And I really like GREAT people with talent and ambition.

Here’s the call to action: I don’t want you to just kick in a ten spot, instead, click on the links to Karen and Anthony’s respective pages and get to know them and see why you should go for the whole Box of Twinkies for $29. And if you’re in need of advertising your own swag, shop, site or other such thing, do it inside a platform that is lined with the blood, sweat and tears of creators that care about their creation and are bold enough to put out there on the world stage.

PLUS I’ll even kick in a little something extra…. If you back the project at the Corporate Box of Twinkies level, I’ll give you an ad button/ banner/ link right here on the Toy Box for a FULL YEAR! Yep, putting my Toy Box where my mouth is on this one because I believe in the project and the people behind it.

Now, do some digging for yourself and see why I’m so fired up about my favorite “Lame Brains” , Karen and Anthony.


Jim –  01/05/17

P.S. – You can pick up a copy (or 12) of Issue #1 right now via Anthony’s Etsy shop. You can even get it autographed! 

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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