Star Wars Rebels, Season 2 Finale – ANTICIPATION!


Good morning, gang! Today is an extra special Star Wars Wednesday at Total Collectables! We kick off our two week celebration of The Force Awakens coming to BluRay/DVD on April 5th by offering you 20% off ALL IN STOCK Star Wars collectables! it’s EXTRA SPECIAL because tonight marks the season 2 finale of Star wars Rebels on Disney XD where we are chomping at the bit to see a couple of highly anticipated moments including the “possible” return of Darth Maul AND a showdown between Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano! Plus the teasers make it look like Ezra may get his first temptation from the Dark Side. How can you NOT love this show?!?!?! In an effort to celebrat this special day check out the review of the Season 2 Ezra Bridger action figure with Speeder, available NOW at Total Collectables, normal prices $24.95 on sale now for $19.99! And be a pal would ya, and SHARE our page with ALL of your fellow Force sensitive friends! May the Force be with you! #StarWarsRebels #EzraBridger #ToySale #StarWars

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Jim 03/30/16

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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