A Tale of Two Ezra’s


On “Star Wars Wednesday” at Total Collectables in Harrison, Arkansas you can a great deal on ALL of our Star wars merchandise. This week we share with you an up close look of the NEW Ezra Bridger that comes with his speeder bike from Hasbro toys.

Not to be confused with the Season 1 Ezra from Disney XD’s “Star Wars: Rebels”, this Season 2 version of Ezra is equipped with not only his side holster but also the scars of his run in with Darth Vader! It’s so cool! If you love him like we do, you can save 5% on this figure as well as any other Star wars item in the shop every Wednesday in March and April. Also don’t forget about our Cosplay Discount! Come in in any costume, ANY DAY and get 15% off your total purchase (discounts can’t be combined). And don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE our review of NECA’s Interstellar Action Figure 2 Pack for your chance to win! https://www.facebook.com/totalcollectables/

Now, Go Play!

Jim  03/22/16

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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