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Image1NECA has once again knocked it out of the park in quality 8 inch, retro style, clothed action figures. To be honest though, I am still scratching my head on the decision to license this particular movie as action figures However, I most certainly won’t complain about the opportunity to add two very cool looking astronaut figures into my toy box and Kaitlynn’s Corner. Yeah, the Anne Hathaway figure was actually the reason I became interested in the set. My buddy Alex had gotten a set last year and Kaitlynn fell in love with “that girl figure”. She loves all the 8 inch, female Mego and Mego style figures; Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Daisy Duke and even Dr. Girlfriend. So of course it wasn’t a surprise that she would really want this figure. To note, Alicia is also pretty keen on having a Mathew McConaughey figure sitting around too. Not exactly sure how I feel about that but I don’t worry too much considering his “failure to launch issues” 😉 Now on to the review.

The Good

Image3Everything. The sculpts are excellent likenesses. The paint application is also clean. The costumes are also very well engineered and function nicely. I also appreciate the simple rectangular shaped package. It makes for very easy shelf display. And of course the figures display wonderfully loose as well.

The Bad

Image5The only down side to these figures is the swapping of the heads can be a chore. Not that it’s an impossible task, but it does take effort to go from the standard to the helmeted head. The hard plastic collar is a bit of an obstacle in the swapping process but looks so good when all together it’s hard to complain too much. And even in that, with all of the manhandling that I put the figures through, they held up beautifully. Durability is most certainly not an issue.

In Conclusion

Image6Again I can’t stress to you the quality you can expect from these NECA toys. Great overall quality, sculpts, paint application, pose-ability and durability and an excellent addition to your 8 inch figure collection!.

BUT NOW!!!!!!!!

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Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/22/16

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