Living the Dream – But I sure could use a hand.

7495_980797191957659_4587297760069137368_nGreetings dear readers! Today I come to you with the most wonderful news in the history of the Toy Box. 6 years in and I can proudly say that a HUGE dream has come true: Not only am I still doing professional toy reviews but I am now the “Lord of Fun and Games” at a real life, honest to goodness, brick and mortar collectible shop right here in my own neck of the woods. PLUS this opportunity is going to give me the chance to FINALLY offer to the general public in my area Mego style toys at retail! This is HUGE for me as many of you, my fellow Mego and Re-Mego lovers understand. While not on the shelves just yet I will be filling the pegs with the incredible action figures from Figures Toy Company, Diamond Select, Bif Bang Pow and NECA! Elated is a word I don’t use much but I assure you it applies here. Now let me back up just a little…

Darrin Gilmore is the owner and operator of Total Collectables in Harrison, Arkansas. He just opened up shop March 12, 2016. By true serendipity I learned of his existence, we met, we hit it off in spades and WAH LAH! Instant friendship and opportunity. Being a marketing and promotions guy by trade and with the real passion of mine being toys, Darrin has officially dubbed me the “Lord of Fun and Games” for his store. As such, I’ve accepted a mission to help promote and grow his business over the span of the next 101 days utilizing my best efforts via toy reviews, write ups and most importantly for you; giveaways!

This is Little Buddy me, Living the dream!

So with my goal and objective for the next 101 days (Tuesday March 22 – June 30) laid out, I am truly in need of your help in spreading the word. So do your old buddy Jimbo a favor and come LIKE and Share the Facebook page, do the same with this blog post. While I know many of you are spread out all over the country and even the planet (Thank you, POLAND!) your support and push on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else is truly appreciated. And to note, most of our planned contests and specials are also available to YOU no matter where you are. Of course we want to get our local peeps in the know but we also want to be a front of my mind thought when it comes to play. You know me, I’m all about it!

Thank you again to all of you for the support over these years and I can’t tell you how much each and everyone of you mean to me personally for all of the love and support you’ve shown me and my Toy Box. It’s been fun and now it’s getting even better. I truly am thankful to be able to share all of this awesomeness with you, my friends.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/22/16

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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