Throwback Thursday – CTVT Catalog from 2005

Classic TV Toys is still up and running but with much better quality and so much new product, especially accessories!

Once upon a time ago (2005)  Figures Toy Company released figures under the name Classic TV Toys and released a TON of new Mego Style figures featuring some of the most beloved characters that comprise the casts of today’s digital television networks. Seriously this catlog could be a MeTV program guide of sorts.

Beset with horrible quality control issues from the manufactures in India, the lines were plagued with low quality plastic, easy breakage, lackluster paint applications and other shortcomings in production. But that’s all gone now!

Look at where we are today with Figures Toy Company’s MOUNTAIN of Mego’s: KISS, the complete line of DC heroes, that is growing ever deeper and so many more that were never produced including the Super Friends. Plus the Monkees, Harry Potter, Gilligan’s Island and the revisited Three Stooges and so very many more. It really is mind numbing to think of all of the different lines coming.


supergirlPlus my personal favorite to display release to date: The Kresge carded DC Super Heroes. More about that later. For now, enjoy this look back at some really neat TV treasures from Figures Toy Company.

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Author: Jim Bumgardner

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