The archaologic dig that is “Clown” Thanks to Tmans Toys

12744258_964893183548060_119051965026737330_nI’m a WINNER! Well, I was once at least 🙂

I love giving stuff away but normally don’t get too caught up in the winning. I like to win, don’t get me wrong but I don’t go out of my way. But then along comes Tman’s Toys and a great figure giveaway coupled with an idea that was inspired by the figure.

This Clown figure took me back to what I like to consider the Renaissance and Golden Age of toy collecting: the 90’s. Not only was it a fun time thanks to Star Wars returning to shelves via the Power of the Force line in all of their roid’ed up glory but the leaps and bounds that Todd MacFarlane took toys to. These wonderful creations from “Todd Toys “ (Pre rebranding and renaming the company “MacFarlane Toys” ) It brought back so many awesome memories of my twenty somethings in fandom culture. Before Shldon Cooper and super hero blockbuster movies that drew in the large populace, you know; the Dark times of posers and pretenders.

But back to me being a winner!

1947838_966937233343655_9128472896560238304_nAnother really col thing about this figure is that I have the chance to reflect on the stages of collector that I’ve been. The first was a “Loose Guy”- where you just snatch up any piece you can find in the wild (yep kids, there was a time when there wasn’t an internet or ebay) and anything you could find was awesome. And then the transition into “Buy one to open and one to leave in the package Guy” – after the Renaissance came. Sure I bought into the hype that Mint in Box figures were an investment in the future. Thank you for that Toyfare. You molded and warped me with your monthly price guide. And then to today where I’m a “Let’s just see how it goes Guy” – where space is limited nd the assortments are so wide and varied that outside of a major lottery win, there is no way I could possibly collect ’em all.

So with all of that self assessment completed I decided to do something I NEVER would have done 22 years ago when this guy was first released: I’m cracking him open and sharing the results of this archaeological dig with you.

Again big thanks to Tman’s toys for the cool contest and prize! Be sure to check him out soon, seriously, Now, Go Play! Jim 02/29/16tmans

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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