Dante Hicks Reviewed: He is supposed to be here today!

We have a winner from Entertainment Earth and Jim’s Toy Box!ANNA WELKER winner

Okay gang It’s time to unveil the winner of the Jay and Dante black and white action figure set courtesy of Entertainment Earth and Jim’s Toy Box. With all of the great lines that were offered up it was impossible for me to choose so, it only seemed fair to let fate decide… here’s how we did….

All the submissions were printed off, cut out and then placed in my magical plaid Superman hat and wah lah! We have a winder as the pop culture Gods have commanded!

And the Winner is


Congratulations Anna and thank you for playing along with Jim’s Toy Box and Entertainment Earth!

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Thank you again to everyone who entered to win …. Now GO PLAY!

Jim 02/22/16


download (3)Inspiration comes in many forms, shades and pallets. CLERKS was that movie for me. When I first saw it all those years ago it struck on every single nerve I was looking for in something different, something to relate to, something that made me laugh my ass off. After being introduced into the world and mind of Kevin Smith, I was completely hooked on his ViewAskewniverse. And it came in large part to the outstanding performances from the films stars; Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Scott Schiaffo and Lisa Spoonauer. Smith and Jason Mewes were fun characters as Jay and Silent Bob but didn’t have grab me as the aforementioned did.

screens_feature11Each and every character was one I could relate to. We all know each and everyone of them. Even Silent Bob‘s cousin from Russia, Olaf. But Dante, Randal, Veronica, Caitlin Bree, and the Chewlies Gum guy were so entertainingly familiar. And at the time (being the 90’s) I could really relate to Dante. High school was over. College wasn’t an even fanciful thought. And the jobs you took just to get by while you figured what it was you actually were going to do with the rest of your life, I could completely relate to. Not so much the ass hat way he treated and dealt with women, but on most other levels I really connected with the character. Of course it would have been far more fun to have the Randal Graves attitude.

Dante SignIt’s that kinship I found with Mr. Hicks that had me pull the trigger and order this figure first out of the four available. And so here we are, looking at the 7 inch, black and white rendering of Dante Hicks. In true CLERKS fan fashion I bring you this video review. Overall it’s a great figure. The likeness is a little iffy but not that far off to actor Brian O’Halloran but could be a little bit better in my opinion. I also appreciate the tactic in offering half of the diorama with the complete decorative stickers that you HAVE to order the other corresponding figure (Jay). The only reason I didn’t go ahead and just get the set is that frankly I wanted something to look forward to in putting the collection together one figure at a time. You make your coffee the way you like and I’ll make mine.

william3There is a darkside to this assortment that I do want to point out. CLERKS as a film worked because of the ensemble cast. And while I can understand not including everyone who was on screen I have a hard time being cool with the omissions of the leading ladies of the film. Veronica and Caitlin Bree were essential to all of Dante’s motivation. Plus those characters are equally iconic in the mythology and lasting legacy. Plus they’re on all of the posters and artwork I’ve seen for the film. It only makes sense and while I couldn’t guarantee sales figures, I still think it would serve Diamond Select and Smodco well to let fans round out the characters that became the anchors for everything that we now know as the View Askewniverse.

VHS000031In a perfect world of merchandising I would really like to see a second wave of figures featuring Veronica and Caitlin as well as The Chewlies Gum Guy (Scott Schiaffo) and the guy that all the Jersey chicks were all about, Rick Derris (Ernie O’Donnell). Maybe even do a third wave that would feature a base Walt Flanagan figure that you could interchange accessories and heads to account for all of the many roles he brought to life. I mean come on, they’ve already teased us with the perfect dozen eggs.

wanna puckThose glaring oversights aside, the Dante Hicks figure from Diamond Select is a great toy that serves as a reminder to me that once upon a time ago, a simple black and white film lit a fire in me that still burns to this day. And despite his constant whining, Dante staring at me from the shelf brings a smile to my face and serves as a reminder that even though we all have to serve the world around us, we don’t have to like them.

Now, Go Play! Jim 02/17/16


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