Jim’s Toy Box tribute to Alan Rickman 1946 -2016

1946 – 2016

So soon. Another loss. Lemmy, then Bowie and now Alan Rickman. Can it get anymore depressing? Yes. BUT perspective is key. The three have left us all a wonderful legacy of entertainment to enjoy for generations to come and in most cases each of these iconic humans shared their thoughts and perspectives and we all watched and listened along the way, gleaning perspective and insight from their point of view along the success trail that led them to the national stage. Considering the billions of people on the planet that’s not an easy task for sure.
While Lemmy and Bowie each hold a special place in my heart memories, this mornings news of the passing of Alan Rickman was such a hard blow. Each and everyone of his performances was simply brilliant. The bad guy, the heavy, the smarmy or droll, each one he played so incredibly well and SOLD me in each role. Even in movies that without his screen time I wouldn’t have given the time of day ( read CBGB ), but for him to be in it, made it worth a watch. That’s star power kids.

As I sneak in the time to put together this tribute to Mr. Rickman by way of the greatest toys made in his likeness let me say this; The world has never been a smaller place. With the internet and social media fans have a unique opportunity to reach out to our heroes of film, music, stage etc… Use it. Do it. Drop a LIKE on Facebook on their pages, send out a Tweet, write a blog and hash tag ’em in it. People always say after the fact how much they really enjoyed and appreciated an artist or celebrity after the fact, I say fo it now. That of course also applies to the “real” people in your life. Don’t wait. It takes mere seconds to connect to most any and everyone you know.

Now, Go Play (and tell ’em all that you love and appreciate them),

Jim 01/14/16

The Gallery of Alan Rickman inspired toys and collectibles.

DH1Die Hard – Hans Gruber – How could you be anymore of an A-hole? Not possible. Surprisingly I haven’t seen any retro action figure action on this property but did come across these cool custom items on eBay. Art inspiring art.

DH2Custom 1:6 Hans head – A young and smarmy Rickman never looked so smarmy – 






RH1Robin Hood Prince of Thieves – The movie had its ups and downs but the Sheriff of Nottingham couldn’t have been portrayed better than Mr. Rickman’s performance. If Mr. Haney didn’t get on your nerve enough in the Disney classic, Rickman’s complete jerk of a sheriff would put you over the top. To this day this particular Kenner action figure from the movie is one of my all time favorites. The sculpt is horrid but the photo card art is fantastic.
The one that should really have happened…

DogmaDogma – Rickman’s role as the Metatron in this Kevin Smith classic is hands down my favorite role his. To get to see his truly funny side and comedic delivery is amazing to me. Really sucks that this Inaction Figure never got past the prototype stage. Come on, the Metatron is the vocie of God for goodness sake! Show some respect View Askew. But then again a genitalia-less angel is a touch sell I guess. But still…


quoteThe Harry Potter Series – Harry Potter’s Professor Snape. This is the role that will keep him immortal. Proving that all is not exactly what it seems, Mr. Rickman’s performance as Professor Snape added the needed counterbalance I know I needed for the films. The merchandise from this one is so incredibly massive and will probably never stop.




And in conclusion I share with you this wonderful interview from 2012 that Charlie Rose had with Mr. Rickman, celebrating his career. I can’t think of a better way to pay tribute.

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