“Podcasting” for Play – This could be fun.

podcast logo3Podcasting. Been pondering that one for years. And now thanks to a couple pals of mine (John Michaels and Tom Hagar) I’ve decided to take the plunge… sort of… slowly. The trick for me is that in being an “old radio guy” I must admit its tough for me to wrap my head around the concept. I’ve listened to podcasts, I’ve enjoyed some but have found others to be extremely sloppy in regards to the way they are so apparently haphazard in their production planning and quality. Not trying to throw stones or sound “holier than thou” or anything but again I’m old school radio. But I’m working on fixing that. And today is that first day.

podcast logo2When John and Tom mentioned doing something like this my apprehension came from my own ignorance. I can admit that. To elaborate on what I mean by “old school radio” what I mean in that is there is a golden rule of radio; “Don’t crack open the mic unless you have something to say”. The way I’ve always taken that is it’s a matter of respect given to the audience. They are gracious enough to give you their time and attention so don’t waste either. Same applies to you too dear reader so let me get to it.

podcast logoAs I venture off into this new realm of “podcasting” pardon this old disc jockey sticking to his roots in the outset. But I do hope to entertain you none the less. I know as of the writing of this prologue I’m getting pretty pumped up about this first show that I have planned for you…. It’ll be a rootin’ tootin’ good time. That little cliché will make a lot more sense, I promise. Anyway I’m off to play and I hope you are too. Catch you in the ether very soon….

Now, Go Play!

Jim 01/12/16


Author: Jim Bumgardner

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