GO TEAM VENTURE! Season 6 baby!

I LOVE these Guys!
I LOVE these Guys!

I couldn’t be more thrilled at the news that the time is almost  here for the Venture Brothers to return to Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Man do I love this show and the universe of characters that inhabit it.

The special "magic hand" is simply to die for.
The special “magic hand” is simply to die for.

Season 5 was a total blast with so many wonderful twists and turns I really don’t know how they’re going to top it but I’m sure they will. They haven’t let me down yet and I don’t see them doing so now. While it gets a little frustrating as a fan to have to wait SOOOOO long in between season, the payoff is totally worth it.

Microsoft Word - Dexterl022608_approvedfinal.docSwing by the Venture Brothers Blog to get caught up on all things Venture…. and then be sure to swing over to the Venture Home News  community page on Facebook setup by my pal Tim. And of course stock up on all of the sweet Venture Merchandise at Entertainment Earth who are the muscle behind Bif Bang Pow.

Pardon us as me and my pal here go get our cholesterol checked. You should too dear reader.
Pardon us as me and my pal here go get our cholesterol checked. You should too dear reader.

You can also flashback to my early rants and raves about the Ventures that I’ve shared here, as well as my live action casting selections (which should totally happen). From the initial introduction to the praising of my favorite figure to date: Dr. Orpheous. And if all that’s not enough (which it isn’t for me either. Man I hate waiting), peep the Season 6 Preview below…

Now, Go Play!

Jim 01/08/16

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