Disney Force Awakens Deluxe Figurine Set – Article and Review

“Okay. Who took BB-8” “Jim, did it. Well actually he didn’t. He left him out of the shot. But he’s in the gallery so chill out!”

The Force Awakens is obviously a power house at the box office. As of right now it’s toppled pretty much every box office record including top grossing film in the United States of ALL TIME. And rightfully so. I know Alicia and I truly enjoyed it. And that “WE” there is very important considering she wasn’t the biggest fan of the Star Wars Universe. She’s an admitted Trekkie and I love her anyway. No house divided here, gang.

Old Solo is not amused at spoilers.
Old Solo is not amused at spoilers.

Myself being the bigger Star Wars nut I must admit that I was a little nervous going in. Not terribly but a little. I think those nerves came from the unknown that was the story itself. What could it possibly be? With all of the pre release merchandise I honestly  had no clue what was coming. I avoided all of the theory’s and potential spoilers and the teaser trailers didn’t really give away very much. And now in hindsight I really applaud and appreciate Disney and JJ for that.

And now on to another thing that I want to show my appreciation for to same said party’s is this really cool “The Force Awakens Deluxe Figure Play Set” from the Disney Store. I really, really, really dig this one for so many reasons:

12490324_943751098995602_231618545_oFirst I appreciate the assortment. It’s pretty much every key cast member except for Luke but then again we know how much of a role he played in the film now don’t we. 😉

12494465_943751102328935_1923599201_oSecondly I like the overall look and design of the figures. Just as much detail as the 3&3/4 action figures and only slightly less than the Black Series. And that leads to my third point of appreciation… the cost.
For $19.99 you get 10 figures. That’s $2 a piece and is PERFECT for my current penny pinching goals. Sure I picked up a few of the regular figures because I’m well trained by the Lucas Marketing Machine but now I’m FREE! And I don’t say that lightly. (To note all of the one’s I did get are now apart of Kaitlynn’s collection, more on that in a second.)

jawaSince way back in ’79 when I got my first Star Wars Figure (plastic cape Jawa from a Kroger store) I have been a slave for the format. So much so that I was able to move forward following the demise of my beloved 8 inch Mego figures. So much a slave was I that I never gave these type of figurines a chance until now.

"Han, I wish you would grow old and dusty with me." "We're halfway there, Leia. Halfway"
“Han, I wish you would grow old and dusty with me.” “We’re halfway there, Leia. Halfway”

Prior to this Force Awakens set I had seen three original trilogy sets at the Disney Store but passed. Even at the 2 for $10 price point. They weren’t action figures so why bother? Even the Super Deluxe Original Trilogy set was tempting but not enough to get me to break away from my old habits. But this time something happened. Something finally snapped the chain that had been binding me since childhood. What could it be?  The answer finally came to me: I grew tired of waiting for local retail and or Hasbro distribution to catch up. And in this one set I was able to get everybody in one shot and in same size scale. Well except for BB-8. He’s a bit bloated for the scale. Eyeballing him I’d venture to say that he is more in line with the 6 inch Black Series figure that came with Rey but I can’t be 100% sure of that but I know it’s close.

Speaking of scales these are a tad bit smaller than the 3&3/4 but not by much and not enough to make that much of a difference while gathering dust on my shelf ( I would venture to guess that the slight difference has something to do with licensing). Which was the second major point in acceptance. Believe it or not dear reader, I don’t really PLAY with my toys. They sit on a shelf or hang from a tack in the wall. That’s about it. Now Kaitlynn’s collection is a whole different ballgame. You have no idea the amount of fun adventures she shares with me and her mother everyday. As it should be. That’s not to say adult collectors shouldn’t play. Not at all. It’s just the realization I finally had in accepting something new despite decades of old habits. I guess you could say I had an Awakening of my own. Go figure.

Whew, that was quite a reflection. Now let’s get on to the review in one thing I will probably always be a slave to: structure and format 😉 ….

What it is – Star Wars The Force Awakens Deluxe Figure Play Set from Disney

Where they came from – The Disney Store – Branson, MO – $19.95

12494027_943751168995595_1881023612_oThe Good – As I mentioned I am very pleased with the detail in these figures. Mind you the paint app is a little (and I mean little) sloppy and with just a smidge more attention paid in production these would be quite fantastic in the likeness departments. I’ve put together a gallery of the figures so you can see for yourself. And to contradict myself a little they did inspire me to play a little with them. You’ll be able to see that goofiness very soon in the Goofy Stuff section of the sight and on Facebook. You’ve been warned.

The overall quality and durability of these figures is also worth noting. These things have a nice weight to them and can handle a tumble or two. Trust me on that. No need to try it for yourselves at home.

And of course the price point is another wonderful aspect of this set. Sure kids may not be terribly thrilled with toys that don’t move BUT I can see some joy coming for them with these serving as excellent room decoration, cake toppers or take along in the car toys. Can’t loose a blaster or lightsaber if it doesn’t fall out of the figures hands.

The Bad – Nothing worth writing about. Sure Luke being in the set would have been even better BUT the value alone makes complaining way too trivial.

Final Thoughts – While I have discovered my freedom from being completely locked in to old habits, I’m almost positive regular figures will be added to the Toy Box. Of course they will! There’s new Star Wars: Rebels figures coming in the 6 inch Black Series so I must once again give into my old master’s calling. And with that being the exception, there’s really not much more I could or should say at this point. So may I invite you to the Gallery so you can check them out better and then hop on down to your nearest Disney Store or Online and grab yourself a set. You may be pleasantly surprised if your like I was up until now and you break free from the limitations that were created a long time ago in a decade far, far away.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 01/06/16

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