Okay, these are just too stinkin’ cute!

So while wandering through Walgreen’s the other day I came across this cute little fella.  Black costumed Spider-Man has always been an aesthetically pleasing figure to me.  Something about the change from the traditional blue and red was extremely exciting to me as a kid. The Secret Wars story line was great and all but it was the look of Spidey that really hooked me.

spidey1After picking this guy up for $2.99 I had to share it with you all. They had the other three in this first series but times and cash are a little tight so this little treat will serve me nicely. BUT the others would most certainly make for some great stocking stuffers for your old buddy Jimbo (hint, hint, Alicia 😉 ) .

Doing a little digging around on Entertainment Earth I discovered that there actually are more coming! A second series PLUS Gentle Giant will also be doing the Super Powers figures in this scale as well. How much fun is that?!?!?!?!? A bunch!

Anyway I think they’re neat and the packaging is pretty fun too. But I must admit the small print on the back of the card is a bit tough for these 42 year old eyes to read. But that’s what the zoom feature is for.  Take a look and check ’em out when you get the chance. They really are some great stocking stuffers!

Now, GO PLAY! – Jim 12/02/15
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