I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No really, this’ll be fun too!

help wanted

Greetings gang! In KEEPING WITH MY NEW THEME OF “Adventures from Jim’s Toy Box” I had an idea and I need YOUR help with. As is pretty obvious to see around these parts, I’ve got a thing for Entertainment Earth. Why? Because they were the first company to give me a crack at fulfilling a true dream; being a professional toy reviewer.


When I started Jim’s toy Box all those years ago it was a two fold mission. The first being to learn how to blog and the second is the aforementioned goal. I feel confident in saying that I’ve done both but now I want to take it to the next level by bringing you dear reader more into the fold. “How you gonna do that, Jim?” Glad you asked!


For the first couple of years of being an affiliate with Entertainment Earth I received a small percentage of referral sales. That was extremely cool but frankly I’m not in this for the money so much as I am in the mission of encouraging people of all ages to PLAY. So keeping in that spirit I’ve switched over to receiving store credit for my efforts and now I’ve built up some bank and I want you to help me spend it.


What I’ve done is pulled five items that have tickled my fancy and peaked my curiosity and perhaps yours as well. While I am an action figure guy, obviously of the 8 inch, retro clothed style variety I really want to branch out. So dig these options and help me decide. I’m going to run this for a week (starting today, Monday July 6th through this coming Sunday the 12th) and announce the choice next Monday and place the order. The review will follow as soon as I get the little jewel in my hands.


So check out my selections and lets have some fun!


Selection 1: Curly from Figures Toy Company….




Okay, okay, I know. I’m always doing these style figures BUT, I haven’t seen one of these up close and personal. Plus who doesn’t love Curly?


Selection 2: X-Metal Earth model




These I’ve seen in the wild and they incredibly difficult BUT I want to take a crack at one. I can see doing a build video with this one.



Selection 3: Superman Apron

Superman Apron


This one has the potential for a lot of fun. I’m thinking if you guys and gals choose this one I’ll do a cooking / recipe video. I’ve got a couple dishes I would like ot share. What? Of course I can cook! Look at me. As a buddy of mine who was a professional chef used to say; “Never trust a skinny cook.” You can totally trust me.


Selection 4: Disney Frozen The Essential Guide Hardcover Book

Frozen book


Like most fathers of little girls, I am quite well versed in all things FROZEN. Or at least I think I am. This one could be fun with my daughter helping out in giving this book a really good once over.


Selection 5: Hamlet Plush Finger Puppet Magnet Set



This is so weird it may actually turn into something cool. If you select this one I’ll put together a puppet show featuring a scene from the play that this set is inspired by. What? Nothing wrong with getting a little culture around this joint.


Okay, there are our contestants. Make your selections via Facebook by commenting on this thread OR email me your choice at jimsmegos@yahoo.com . I think this is going to be fun.


Your pal, Jim 07/06/15


Now, Go Play!


Author: Jim Bumgardner

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