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My earliest memory is Superman. The Super friends cartoon gave me a reason to wake up early every morning (I had no concept of what day it actually was so Saturday morning I knew by name but not by calendar position and I didn’t want to take any chances of missing it.). The Superman action figure from Mego, the single most important toy in my toy box (then and now, life is a bit off without one hanging around. Hence why the late 80’s / early 90’s featured some of my more stupid decisions. What? Sounds good to me 😉 ) And of course The Adventures of Superman television show That show was the one thing that my Dad and I really shared. George Reeves was HIS Superman and in turn he became mine. God bless Christopher Reeve but I never was totally sold. Sure I believed he could really fly but he was all nutso over a girl. How lame.

Now all these decades later (yes, I’m getting old) I have the unique and awesome opportunity to revisit the magic of my childhood every single day.

My 5 year old daughter loves the Super friends cartoon set that we own on DVD. Matter of fact we watched a handful of episodes before bed last night. We also played with her collection of original Mego and new Re- Mego toys from Figures Toy Company. And how cool is that? As a collector I’ve been able to pick up numerous Mego Superman Mego action figures BUT not until now have I been able to afford my very own, brand spanking new Mego style Superman. First one to free him from the package. First one to hold and pose him,\. The first one to stare into the painted black eyes that sparked my imagination then and now. And then it gets better…  I get to tell everyone about this fantastic new toy during The Adventures of Superman show on our local MeTV affiliate; TKO 8.

That also happens to be my day job where I get to tell stories and create information and entertainment for a living. Yeah that’s a win. Even though my Dad would have preferred me to be a plumber instead of broadcaster, I do believe with this new found perk of the career choice he’s smiling at me as he’s hanging out with his Superman, George Reeves. Yeah, that’s a win.

Now I share with you my first ever commercial that airs during the Adventures of Superman show. Thanks for reading, watching and (hopefully) playing. And for the first time ever, you can buy a Figures Toy Company Superman directly from me. This is another really big deal for me too, but that’s another story. Order through the Paypal button below the video.

Your pal,

Jim 02/13/15

 Bring Kal El Home! 
Superman to buy

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