Figures Toy Company Batman ’66 = R-E-S-P-E-C-T from me.

Heads up UPDATE: This review was accidentally scheduled to launch andas such isn’t in its complete form…. I’d pull it but figured; “What the heck, the pictures are great, my points should encourage you to get ’em all NOW before they sell out and finally, time is a precious commodity for all of us and on my end it’s simply easier to peck at this one when I can until it is complete.  So have some fun, check out my thoughts and do yourself a favor and get you this Dynamic Duo.

Jim – 07/06/14



The only problem I have with these is that they are so well done they make their Reproduction Mego figures look dumb. Not to take away from those figures at all but seriously look at this Dynamic Duo! The craftsmanship in these two mass produced are the first figures to come out at this level of quality since ZICA’s Buck Rogers and Tiger Man and prior to those it was way back with Charlee Flatt’s Bela Lugosi. The good thing though is that I don’t believe we will have to wait so long in between waves to see more of this level of craftsman ship and quality to come in this format from Figures Toy Company.

One of the things that really struck me personally about these figures personally is that I really WANT them to stay out of the package.  While to the casual reader that seems like a no brainer but to the toy collector that is almost like screaming fire in a movie theater; you just don’t do it. To both of you let me share my reasoning.

To contrast with the direct Mego reproductions, for me part of the appeal of those is the satisfaction that comes from having a brand new carded specimen. Sure the cards are completely different from the originals but there’s something about knowing these are BRAND NEW adds to my collector pride. Now with these ’66 figures that connection isn’t possible because well, they’ve never existed before. More importantly though they are so darn good looking!

Burt Ward’s likeness is a bit tougher to capture in this figure but I think that comes from the way the real Burt Ward as Robin looks in the mask. If you look at Burt in costume you’ll notice his eyes look either crossed or very obstructed behind the mask.  To have done that with this toy would have made it look very dare I say, stupid. Now when it comes to Adam West as Batman this head sculpt is truly magical.

Where I had noted the problems that one would have with the Burt Robin the exact opposite is true with the West Batman. His sleepy down turned eyes in the real world seem to be spread out a little bit further and as such the cowl look works. I’m not saying Adam West looks like a catfish or anything but okay maybe he does a little. Either way the likeness here is fantastic. Just pass me the tar tar sauce and keep reading, okay?


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