Spaceman? No, not really no. Excellent figure though but no, just no.

Well. This is odd…


What an interesting reaction I am having to a figure… Tommy Thayer, Sonic Boom series… just don’t like it. Not the figure itself . It’s superb in quality and design.IMG_20140530_202122_616

KISS400The sculpt is dead on and the hair is rooted better than even the Ace from Alive.

But it’s just not right.

Kaitlynn experimented with different stage set ups too.
Kaitlynn experimented with different stage set ups too.

I actually got it on the cheap to give to my daughter to go along with her Dressed to Kill Paul and Peter (which are EXCELLENT by the way)… these were meant for play but even she wasn’t pleased with what she saw.

Ace took it all in stride.

She actually told her mother “It’s not the right one.” Alicia of course assumed she meant that it wasn’t a DTK figure in a suit. Kaitlynn tried to correct her in explaining that the costume was fine but this figure was not Ace and therefore not right.

IMG_20140530_202109_727I keep staring at it. It puzzles me. Such a great figure on every level but still it’s just not right. Even the old KISS Mego’s where Paul shared a head with Darryl Dragon and Peter shared a nogging with Gene Hackman and as such looked nothing like themselves. But this is different. It’s simply not the Spaceman. It’s a guy from either a tribute band OR it’s the Halloween version of my old buddy Albee dressed up like Ace.


So weird.


Now, Go Play (with caution)

Jim 05/30/14

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