I’ll throw this out there in an effort to help not only Craig and ZICA toys but also to help every loyal and loving Six Million Dollar fan…. Pre Order the Wave 2 set of figures from Entertainment Earth via THIS link

Six Million Dollar Man Wave 2 Action Figure Set

and I’ll hook you up with a free MeTV t shirt once we get word from Craig that the Wave is a go! As proof please send me a screen shot of your pre order invoice to and I’ll get back to you on your FREE T-shirt!


From Craig with ZICA Toys:
Based on the recent preorder numbers I’ve received it looks like the SMDM wave 2 assortment is at risk of being canceled. Considering how well wave 1 did I’m more than a little shocked at the low numbers for wave 2. For a small company like mine projects typically live or die based on preorder numbers.


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