Daily Update April 2, 2014

toy box copyHowdy gang! Sorry for the in and out for those that are following me everyday. I’ll be honest with you, it’s been some crazy rockin’ and rollin’ going on back stage and not always in the good way. But I won’t trouble you with that pity party because this is a fun place, and by golly I’m going to keep it that way.

standbyAs mentioned before I have decided to scrap the broadcast television show (for now) but I’m far from not throwing stuff out into the ether. What I’m doing is creating some 60 second mini featurettes that I will be posting here as well as broadcasting on TKO 8 television where you’ll find me doing the day job stuff. I really want to introduce more folks to the things you see here but I don’t want to kill myself doing it. Plus I enjoy the various mediums available these days and as such I want to play with them all. Multi media Jim in progress J

imagesOne thing that I do feel like sharing with you at the moment is my process. I’m a Henry Ford kind of guy when it comes to production. The efficiency I find in an assembly line structure really works for me. Feds my analytical side and I’ve found as I do the steps (photo’s / video. Writing, graphics etc…) in this way my creativity flows better. I mention this only because coming back to this realization has helped me tremendously in getting back into the groove again.

FIGKS860AAlgAnother thing I am extremely stoked about is the coming additions to the Toy Box: The Figures Toy Company 8 inch Alive series of KISS Mego style action figures. Recently my good buddy Tom got me plugged back into some of the fantastic branches of the KISS Army and I can’t thank him enough. I’ll go more into all of the “why’s” that makes this so important to me once I get to the review. In a nutshell though I’ll say that reconnecting with one’s earliest influences and inspirations does a mind, body and soul good.

Looking at the clock on the wall I gotta scoot to get back to work on some voice tracks for another fun project I’m working on. In the meantime thank you all again for stopping by and showing your support and love for me and the Toy Box. Below is a gallery of pics from some things to come very soon. It was the best picture day ever!

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Jim 04/02/14


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