Daily Update 03/03/2014

Boy what a productive day! Not outside mind you… Northern Arkansas was in a deep freeze for the past 24 hours and looks to stay that way for another day at least. Oh well I had a ton of fun getting some things done around the house. Early Spring cleaning if you will.

$(KGrHqN,!hEF!lU1Hun6BQSNweU41Q~~60_3Another fun thing today was the creation of the Mego-TV Schedule and YouTube playlist. I’ve been “tuned in” all day and I gotta tell ya, it’s some mighty fine programming with a good balance in its makeup. At the time of this writing I’m watching the Mirror. Mirror episode of Star Trek (11P CST) and it just seems right. As I have time I do believe I will flush out the other 6 days worth of playlists just for the heck of it. Modern technology rocks!

Also had the most wonderful call this early evening from my pal Ben. He and I became friends by way of the Forum over at the Mego Museum. Such a super nice guy that is great for giving and receiving a laugh or two or three. Thanks for calling buddy, I really enjoyed our chat.

Been a fantastic and full day but have a handful of other things I want to wrap up before the day is through. But before I go don’t forget 1. Enter to win a free S-Type body and 2. Go pre-order your Sea Ghost now!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/03/2014

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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