It’s Walking Dead day!


Now that Sunday is once again “The Walking Dead Day” around my home it seems only fitting to offer up things that enhance the celebration of everyone’s favorite group of Georgia based heroes since the Dukes. You know that’s actually an interesting thought… did the Duke farm get over ran by Zombies or did Bo and Luke ward them off with their flaming bows and arrows Darryl Dixon style? Hmmmmmmmm…. What a crossover / mash up idea. Quick somebody get CMT on the phone!

Enjoy this new day of the dead with these Little Dead darlings:
Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales Little Bo Creep Series 5 DollLiving Dead Dolls Child's Play Chucky and Tiffany Doll SetLiving Dead Dolls Snow White and Evil Queen Dolls SetLiving Dead Dolls Frankenstein Black-and-White Previews DollLiving Dead Dolls Rotten Sam and Sandy Set
And if you actually want to play out the aforementioned scenario AKA the greatest cross over hit since “Hee Haw meet’s Scooby Doo” then get you some all new Mego style Dukes!
Dukes of Hazzard 8-Inch Series 1 Action Figure SetDukes of Hazzard 12-Inch Series 1 Action Figure Set

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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