Flash Gordon!

Over this past weekend I got pulled into a few different documentaries about Queen and Freddy Mercury and just now had a Flash in regards to a toy tie in I had totally forgotten about. The Flash Gordon figures from Bif Bang Pow.  Strange how my pop culture mind works in waves like this but what are you gonna do.

BBP02101AAlgAnyway I went looking at Entertainment Earth to see if the figures were still available and yes they are and are actually on sale this week. Flash and Ming… I never was a huge fan of the film but something about the title track that Queen created still makes me want to give it another shot

Plus I remember how not too long ago the star of the film Sam Jones did a cameo reprising his role in the film TED. While not a big fan of the film itself I do appreciate how Mr. Jones was cool enough to play along.

That’s just aces in my book! Made me also wonder about his co star Max Von Sydow who played Ming and has also been given the 8 inch Retro treatment. Looks that Mr. Sydow has stayed pretty busy over the decades since he was a pain in Flash’s golden locks. Didn’t realize he was also a pain in the Ghostbusters Proton Packs as the voice of Vigo in Ghostbusters II as well as in the video game that came out in 2009.  Again just a random ramble but thought I’d share.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 02/17/14

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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