Sing along gang! M-I-C-K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E… you know the rest!

IMG_20140209_092020_691I meant to put this out earlier this week but got a little distracted. Seems ironic since this particular post would have been a nice distraction from the distraction I had.  Anyway, let’s get distracted together!

IMG_20140209_092226_560As part of my “Thrift Store Flipping” series Round 2 features this fantastic item from 1976 that features sheet music for songs featured on the old Mickey Mouse Club.  I originally picked this piece up from the Cause for Paws thrift store in Harrison, AR. It was actually more than I was wanting to spend for my little project but I couldn’t pass it up.

IMG_20140209_092103_456The memories that were captured in that book in both story and song were so full of happiness and joy that I really needed the pick me up. And it did. So while there is one day left on the auction, if it doesn’t “flip” I’ll be totally cool with keeping this one around for a while.

IMG_20140209_092405_627 May even break out the old six string and strum a chorus or two. I’m no Mouseketeer so instead of torturing you with my renditions I share with you clips from the original series that show exactly why this book can’t help but make you happy.


Now, Go Play! Jim 02/16/14



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