Bif Bang Pow’s; Scott Ian – Classic Action Figure – “Why Not?”

More details on Scott Ian’s latest project and how YOU can be a part of it!

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UPDATE: Scott Ian’s New Speaking Words DVD and crowd funding drive…

Just saw on facebook that Scott has some big news in regards to his latest project. This is the coolest opportunity to interact with one of the coolest dudes in rock! Check it out HERE

To add to, celebrate and commemorate this latest project be sure to get your Scott Ian action figure from Bif Bang Pow today!



When I first heard about this figure I was like “Cool!” Then I thought; “Why Cool? I’m not a huge Anthrax fan and honestly I haven’t followed what all Scott Ian’s doing since his time on the VH1 Reality Show “Supergroup”, so why do I care?” Simple answer; because its another 8 inch “Re-Mego”. Better answer; It is just oddball enough to have to have. Plus in doing this review it inspired me to dig through the “Jimbo Archives” for a…

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