A dream, turned into a goal, turned into a reality.

About a week and a half ago I teased my friends on facebook about a phone call I received that was a dream come true for me. Now everything’s fallen into place and I can finally offer up the big reveal. You my friends now know a professional toy reviewer!

That’s the long and the short of it. Not wanting to waste anyone’s time who doesn’t appreciate the significance of this thanks for stopping by. For you that do and have followed me on this journey (thank you btw) the details and story are below. I think you may find it interesting, perhaps inspirational and may also offer up a giggle along the way.

The History

Back in March 2011, I undertook the process of learning how to blog. Not being one for tedious busy work I wanted the end result to be something folks might find useful and even have a little fun with along the way. I also wanted to not bore myself to tears or loose focus on what I was setting out to accomplish.

The first step was finding my subject matter. Something that would be interesting enough to me to keep my attention as well as be something that I knew something about and that I could talk openly and honestly about. Broadcasting? No. Marketing? Sweet Lord no. Then a look to my left and BINGO, there they were, my ever source of endless inspiration: Toys. 8 inch Mego and Mego style action figures to be specific. Plus thanks to a previous television show I had done, the masterful Dawn O’Connell had sent a Little Buddy version of me that would be a perfect host for all of this merriment. I still can’t thank her enough for that.

The program director in me went to work creating an organized plan of attack so I would create daily and consistent content and “The Wall” was built. After starting I realized how much I truly enjoyed doing this. A lot. The thought then entered my mind; “Why not try and do this for real? Try and make a career out of it.” The wheels were turning but quite frankly I had no idea how to make that happen.

The Evolution

e3planning1One thing I did know was that the key to any successful “show” is that it must be entertaining and informative content (trade secret, write that down, could save your life). As a disc jockey of the old school I understood that principle very well. Long story short, that background helped me grow into a style but also gave me an itch do more. As such, bits such as the cornball “Saturday Morning Funnies” were born. Still I had no idea how to do this for “real”. So I did the only thing that I did know to do… keep writing.

 * I would be remiss to not throw out a very proper and respectful shout out to my peeps (past and present) at the MegoMuseum for the constructive criticisms, support and encouragement. I’ve said for a long time now and I stand by it today; the MegoMuseum is the best place on the planet and not just for content but for its community that is made up of some of the most genuine people I’ve ever known. And hen there’s the talent pool that lurks the halls. I don’t want to get into name dropping but man oh man are there some amazing artists, writers, musicians, directors found in the Membership Roster.


Last Wednesday I got a call completely out of the blue. And like all paranoid types I let the unrecognized number go to voice mail. No one’s selling this old boy an extended warranty on my used car that’s been paid off since the Clinton administration. No sir.

Checking the message I felt the air rush out of my lungs when I heard a pleasant female voice say; “Hi this is Bethany with Entertainment Earth’s affiliate relations. We’d like to talk to you about doing some reviews.” Two full minutes later I finally caught my breath, called my wife and tried to speak through a smile so big that even the Joker would be disturbed by it’s look. Thankfully we were on the phone or the Mrs. may have called 911 thinking I had a stroke.

I won’t go into all of the particulars but I have received my first item and assignment and will be sharing that with you all very soon. Ever the tease.

I love this box that is perched up on my new Toy Box courtesy of my pal Gar Ghoul… again another story for another day.


The future is uncertain as to whether or not I will get this opportunity again but for right now, it is mine, I am extremely grateful and I shall take it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will and I hope that if you like you’ll buy and if your not interested pass it on to your pals who just might be.

About The Future

“So now what Jim? You’re making all this super crazy money while barking at us like a demented carnival worker on a rundown Midway?” Uh, no. Let me be clear, there is no cash being exchanged for the item or my review in kind. The compensation that I can receive is actually up to you.

Two years ago I had set up an Affiliate Account with Entertainment Earth not truly understanding what it was or how it really worked. I did understand that it would allow me to basically open my own toy store but without the hassles of an inventory, overhead or a huge investment. As far as the payout, that’s really just icing on the cake.

Bet you didn't know the Dr. could also rock it out. For this shot he borrowed Scott Ian's guitar (also from BBP btw).
Bet you didn’t know the Dr. could also rock it out. For this shot he borrowed Scott Ian‘s guitar (also from BBP btw).

It wasn’t until recently that I really looked at it deeper and got active in promoting specific products. Then it hit me: “This really is my Toy Shop!” And from this day forward I intend to manage and maintain it as such, market it as I would a ‘brick and mortar”, earn your respect, trust and loyalty and of course help you have a fun time while you’re here.

“But does that mean you’re going to try to sell us stuff all the time?” Nope. What I will do though is share with you items I personally find fun, interesting, a great value or that I wish you’d send to me as a gift for making your day a couple minutes brighter. This is exactly the same thing I did for K*B Toys and Toys R Us in the past when I worked in retail. I loved that part and I still do. The only thing missing is my co-workers on the floor. But that’s where you come in dear reader. We can talk toys, share information and maybe even swap a thing or two. Sure we won’t be able to complain about the boss, the hours or the pay but you don’t have to wear an itchy polyester shirt with your name on it. 

Oh yeah… and that’s not even getting into the new TV show. But I’ll save that reveal for just a little bit later. Ever the tease.

Your pal,

Jim 02/08/2014

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