Need a giggle? Then go, “Teen Titans GO!”

Teen Titans Go! Delivers on giggles, grins and sometimes, bursts of laughter.

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself wrapped up in the latest incarnation of the DC Universe’s youngest super hero squad, Teen Titans Go! and boy am I glad I did. The show is cute, funny, colorful and did I mention funny? No really… watch this:

I’ve heard a lot of fans of the old Teen Titans cartoon complain that this new incarnation is too silly and comedic. To them I ask; “What happened to you? Did you forget that cartoons can be funny? Characters running around in tights and capes don’t have to be uptight, foreboding or grey scale, no matter what Hollywood says.”

This is one DC Comics cartoon for the kids. And may I add “FINALLY”. IMO It’s been far too long since we’ve seen such a cartoon and IMO is the reason why kids today are less captivated by the adventures of super heroes.  Just like when you and I were kids, they like to have fun too. Seriously.

So do yourself a favor if you haven’t seen Teen Titans Go yet, set the DVR by way of your local listings or even better make plans to catch it first run, and have your little one(s) with you.  Be sure to keep a camera handy to capture all the giggles, grins and outbursts of laughter. Those are the moments you won’t want to miss.

Now, Go Play! – Jim 02/06/14

Look at these cute little fella’s and gals!
Teen Titans Go! Robin Pop! Vinyl FigureTeen Titans Go! Beast Boy Pop! Vinyl FigureTeen Titans Go! Raven Pop! Vinyl FigureTeen Titans Go! Cyborg Pop! Vinyl FigureTeen Titans Go! Starfire Pop! Vinyl Figure

And for my fellow fans of nostalgia don’t forget about the Mego Reproductions set for an April release.


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