On This Date Peter Pan opened and children began disappearing. Coincidence? I think not.

Peter Pan and Captain Hook Salt & Pepper Shakers

On this Date in 1953 – “Peter Pan” by Walt Disney opened at the  Roxy Theater, in New York City. Sure it was another Disney animation masterpiece is was no Snow White. It is curious however how as the times have changed and generations passed kids today know a lot more about Tinkerbell and Captain Hook than they do about Peter himself. Even Neverland gets more props that the eternally young Mr. Pan, thanks to Jake and his band of pirates. Poor guy. But then again think about Wendy and her family. Wendy who?  Thomas? The girl on the hamburger commercials? No these little juvenile delinquents who probably terrified their care givers to near death when they split in the middle of the night. 

Peter Pan and Friends Salt and Pepper Shakers

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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