Jimmy, Patty, Bill and Monica, 02/01/14

On this date in both 1979 and 1999, two US Presidents got involved with women that helped define their legacy. But only one of them  care to talk about it with their respective wife.
It was on this day that Patty Hearst was released from prison after having her sentence commuted by President Jimmy Carter.  If you are not familiar with the case, you should do some digging (I’m not going to do all your homework for you junior, then you wouldn’t learn anything). To peak you non 70’s kids interest I’ll tease you with this trailer….

20 Years later President Carter championed very hard for then President Bill Clinton to grant Patty a full pardon (To which he did two years later just as he was leaving office.) He might of gotten to it sooner but unfortunately for Bill on this date in 1999, a young intern he had taken under his wing (pun completely intended) decided it was time to come clean to Senators about their “relationship”, cigar fetishes and her nasty ass laundry habits. Of course old Slick Willie took it in stride… for a little while…

So he flip flopped. Life happens. He was impeached and the world didn’t come to an end. Patty and Jimmy ended up getting what they wanted, Bill has went on to a fantastic career as the husband of a famous politician and Monica moved on as well (oar at least is trying to). I still think she should have gotten that sponsor ship deal from Crest.
Commemorate this moment in time with these Presidential bobble heads and share this wonderful story of love, compassion, perjury and  the reason Matt Drudge has a “news” career.  That wacky and wild 20th Century. Now, Go Play! – Jim 2/01/2014


Author: Jim Bumgardner

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