Cutting loose with The Rat Pack

Hey gang! This time around I’d like to share with you a fun find I discovered recently while surfing around. The coolest use for six pieces of paper EVER!

While I did construct the fellows you see here all credit must go to Luis Renato Kriegel who is an art director and paper toy designer from Brazil currently living in Tokyo. You can see more of his fantastic work here.


Getting back into the swing of the review I gotta tell ya these were a blast to find. Surprisingly there isn’t as much ,licensed Rat Pack property that has really grabbed my attention. But Luis’ creations sure hit the fanboy spot for me. And since it worked for me I thought I’d share the find.



The build for these is realitively simple if you have never done papercraft before but is a bit tricky around the hair areas. But with a little patience you too could have the coolest pieces of paper on your desk too. And who knows, if I get enough requests I may do a how to video on how to build them.




Author: Jim Bumgardner

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