Hacksaw Jim Duggan: Still “Ho’n” around!

UPDATE: (with more to come!)


Hacksaw Jim Duggan is coming to Harrison, Arkansas July 14th and I get to take his picture!

One of the things that makes my life really sweet is that not only do I get to talk about toys and the joy they bring, I also get to play with real life action figures from time to time!

Thanks to the Space Cowboy Jason Jones, I will once again be manning the cameras that will be capturing Mid States Wrestling’s 2012 Legend’s show. And while every show is a great show with the MSW crew this one is extra special cool because of the main event …

Oh yeah, one of my personal all-time greatest wrestlers Hacksaw Jim Duggan! There has never been a world without Hacksaw for me. Since I was a kid growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas my dad and I loved watching Cowboy Bill Watts’ Mid South Wrestling promotion every Saturday morning on KARK Channel 4. And then of course there were the live shows at Barton Coliseum. Those were indeed some of the greatest moments of childhood and why I can’t stress enough how much fun (and FAMILY fun at that) can be had at these live Mid States Wrestling shows.

I could go on and on (and probably will later) about all of this but for now let me just remind you dear reader that there isn’t a much better bang for your entertainment buck than Mid States Wrestling!

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