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In celebrating the recent released third and fourth series of Venture Bros. classic style action figures from Bif, Bang, Pow I thought it would be fun to throw out a casting call for a live action Venture Bros. movie. Mind you I haven’t hard of any official plans for such a project, but I figure it’s only a matter of time before the Hollywood types decide to snatch up the license and slap the characters on the big screen. Here’s to hoping that if they do they won’t screw it up. The wife and I really put some thought into this one while watching Seasons 1 and 2 (3 and 4 haven’t made it to the collection yet).  Feel free to chime in on other suggestions. Obviously we’re missing quite a few characters but what fun would this casting call be if there weren’t some fresh ideas shared? So please play along and share your comments by posting on this blog. It’ll be fun and it don’t cost ya nothin’!

Dr. Venture – David Cross. (Men in Black 1&2, Scary Movie) To me there could be no other do play the grown up Rusty Venture. Consider everything I’ve seen Cross play in he could easily capture Dr. Venture’s smart ass style and cynical attitude. Plus he’s already bald and wears glasses, add a speed suit and goatee and we’re golden.

Brock Sampson – Has to be Patrick Warburton. He’s the voice for goodness sake and in this case completely makes the character. Just add a blond mullet wig and we are in business!

Dean and Hank Venture – Zack and Cody (Suite life of Zack and Cody) I apologize for not knowing these kids’ real names but I don’t watch the show and so far my baby girl hasn’t caught wind of these two little pop stars. What I have seen of them however does show me that the young men have the acting chops to pull off the roles, they’re twins but not identical and they’re age appropriate. Plus considering they are the property of Disney I’m sure there are some spare clones of the them laying around.

Helper – Must be a real puppet / animatronic. To CG this guy would take away some of his charm IMO.

Dr. Orpheus – Peter Gallagher (Mr. Deeds) Again IMO Gallagher has the perfect acting chops to portray the needed melodrama that oozes from the mystical reaching fingers of the incredible Dr. Orpheus! Plus I bet he could easily provide his own wardrobe.

Triana Orpheus – Kristen Stewart (Twilight Saga) Every film needs star power and this gal has it. Plus it would be funny watching the interaction between her Triana and the Zack and Cody boys portrayal of Hank and Dean. That my friends would be believable, sad and pathetic teen angst.

Monarch – Chris Katan (Corky Romano, SNL) Smug and funny, and doesn’t even know it. Perfect marriage of actor and role if you ask me.

Dr. Girlfriend – Laura Flynn Boyle (Men in Black 2) When the wife and I were talking about this the idea of who could play the sexy yet strangely manly Dr. Girlfriend was one that had us perplexed until we popped in MIB 2. I originally was thinking about Kate Beckensale but when Ms. Boyle came to mind all other contenders were squashed. Her features are perfect for the role. I’m talking about her facial features you pervs, all you would need to add would be the same wig she wore in MIB 2 and you’re ready to rock and roll. Of course the original Voice artist would do the overdub but Ms. Boyle would really bring it home.

So what say you? Let’s play! – Jim 08/10/11

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