When 5 Stars isn’t enough: Page 3’s Game Zone on Ebay

Hey everybody in cyber, blog reading land! I couldn’t help myself but to take the time and do this special write up for the guys and gals at Page 3 Comics (http://www.page3sgamezone.com/toys/). I’ve just concluded my second transaction with these guys and I gotta say that my level of impressments continues to grow! Here’s the skinny:

Originally I scored a Matty Shazam and Darkseid from them a little while back… you can read those reviews via these links http://jimstoybox.com/2011/05/13/mattel-toys-dc-retro-action-super-heroes-%E2%80%93-shazam/


But enough about my own cross promotion, back to Page 3’s Game Zone….

After being very pleased with the packaging and price I knew that the majority of my Re-Mego purchases would be through these guys. So the next item up is a Winston Zeddemore from the Real Ghostbusters Retro Action line from Mattel. Again the turn around time was excellent and even more impressive was seeing again the super care taken in packing this figure. I’ll let the pictorial do the talking… Please note that I had to ‘recreate’ the steps because I had to open when I got him because I’m just that kinda dork.

We begin with a Priority Mail Box. Notice that it is a much larger box than the figure requires, with reason... you'll see!



AS you can see here what I'm calling Layer 2 is a whole bunch of packing paper to keep Winston from sliding around. But wait! There's MORE!


LAyers 3 and 4 consist of not only bubble wrap but also butcher paper wrapped like a present. And it is. I call it, "A gift to me from me".


Layer 5 is a padded envelope! That's right baby! MOre protection for the "Z" man!


Layer 6 is the real show stopper! These pads used to ensure that the bubble wasn't crushed made me literally say "Holy wowza! These guys are good!"


And finally here is Winston (Review coming soon btw) Ironically afterall of that I dropped him and dinged the corner. Yep, I don't call my self a dork for no reason.

As I’ve said from the outset of this blog I’m not in this to personally sell you anything. However I will be a sounding board for my friends out there in the world that I’ve dealt with successfully. For the record I will let you know about crappy ones too, but thankfully that hasn’t happened yet. Anyway. Again I strongly, highly, emphatically recommend Page 3’s Game Zone (http://stores.ebay.com/page3sgamezone). Great customer service is a true rarity these days and I for one applaud them tremendously for their efforts in keeping that dying art form alive even in the cold and empty world that is void of the Internet. Now – Go Play (and shop Page 3!) – Jim 06/03/11

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