Bif Bang Pow- Lost Series 1 and 2 Figures

Ladies and gentlemen, may I now present nice figures I know nothing about.


‘Lost’ was perhaps the biggest non-reality television series to hit the air waves in the 21st Century that still gave millions of fans a reason to tune in every week as the mystery unfolded. I however was not one of them. I thought the concept was interesting but overall the show never grabbed me. For the record I want to clarify that the reason for that was because I (ironically enough) don’t watch very much television these days. Still 8 inch Mego style action figures do garner my time and attention (obviously) and so I felt it was my moral obligation to examine these figures first hand. I did and well, I gotta say the figures left me with the same kind of reaction.

For the sake of this review I’m going to be grouping the four figures that I picked up recently together. Where applicable I’ll break down each one on an individual basis.

1. What they are.

Series 1 and 2 action figures from the ‘Lost’ television series as released by Bif Bang Pow.

2. Where they came from.

Ebay baby!


3. The Good.

In this part of the review I’d like to first applaud the makers for doing excellent work when it comes to likenesses and costuming. Again I wasn’t a LOST fan and probably will never revisit the series. But that is no reason for me or you dear reader to not show these offerings from BBP some respect. Even if they hold they play value that I would equate to Mego’s the Walton’s line of figures. Still I don’t want that to be taken as an insult. It’s just that they are boring to me. BUT  they are great fodder for you customizers out there. Here in a moment I’ll share with you some suggestions in that realm. But first let me introduce you to the figures from Series one and two along with side by sides of the actors in which they are crafted in the image of.

John Locke

Hurley Reyes


Ben Linus


Kate Austen

4. The Bad.

Being that I am not a fan of the show I can only point to what I see as the obvious issues with the figures. The topical stuff if you will. I also can’t stand it when people who have no real stake in something try to kick in their very uneducated opinions. I approach these solely from the stand point of an 8-inch Re-Mego fan and not a television critic.  

I’ll start by saying that overall I have been impressed with the Bif Bang Pow product I’ve expreienced so far (Twilight Zone and Venture Brothers.) Actually I’m trading these off for some Twilight Zone figures and I’m budgeting to pick up the rest of the Venture Bros figures that are currently out. So obviously I’m no hater of Bif Bang Pow’s game.

John Locke  

Could stand to have a little more paint to bring out the "tough old guy look".


Hurley Reyes

Longer and or rooted hair would be a nice step up for this one. Plus a "fat" body would also be nice other than just a pillow under his shirt.

Ben Linus

The costume leaves me cold. I understand they were modeled from the show but I think a different costume interpretation would have been more toy friendly.

Kate Austen

Rooted hair would be the only suggestion I would make here. She’s bland but not bad.

5. Why I like it.

One of the things that’s really great about all the new Re-Mego’s on the market is that their bits and pieces can make for some great custom fodder. Here I’ve put together a list of possible custom projects that could be a lot of fun for the custom minded collector. While I still don’t consider these figures ‘lemons’ I do think the lemonade would be sweeter for me.

John Locke – This guys great! Not only could he make a great Freddy Krueger with a little Hair Club for Men treatment he would make a suitable stand in for Jay along with Hurley Reyes as Silent Bob.

Adding to the Kevin Smith Universe of possibilities the Kate Austin Figure could make for a great Alanis Morissette as God custom from Dogma.

As for Ben Linus the first thing that ran to the front of my mind and came to screeching a halt was the opportunity to do a full range of Rob Schnieder customs.

6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

You should because…

They are a great value and collectable for fans of the show. Even if you have every other piece of LOST merchandise, I assure you they will pale in comparison to this 8 inch renderings. Also BBP puts out very solid product that is great for customizers. Especially Rob Schnieder fans.

You shouldn’t because….

If you don’t like the show at all and don’t customize. Pretty clear cut really. Quality and price shouldn’t be an issue however. Both are reasonable.

In Conclusion

Again while I personally have no vested interest in the characters of John Locke, Hurley Reyes, Ben Linus and Kate Austen I do appreciate their Re-Mego renderings. Still there is as much play value here as watching paint dry yet I do believe if someone wanted to pretend they are controlling the lives of all of these people following a plane crash, they could easily do so. Personally I’ll hold out for the customs. Jay, Bob and God could work wonders on Rob Schnieders career. Or not. Now, Go Play! – Jim 5/15/11

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