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Not since John Travolta have we seen such a happy guy in a bubble!

Billy Batson all supped up is a very happy guy. But wouldn’t you be too if you had the combined abilities of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury? And wouldn’t you also just shorten it to SHAZAM! Add to all of that he’s also been rendered in 8 inch Mego style that has really been stepped way up on the coolness scale. Still he does look a bit goofy but that’s okay, we’ll examine the customizing possibilities thanks to his unique looks that have really brightened up my Toy Box.

1. What it is.

Mattel Toys DC Retro Action Super Heroes – Shazam from the Wave 4 Assortment of 8 inch figures.

2. Where it came from.

Standard back for all of Wave 4’s figures, like previous Wave’s.

As all other DC Retro Action Super Heroes (and Super Villains) he’s a Toys R Us exclusive in the brick and mortar world. I however got mine off of ebay from the seller: page3au ( ) who did such a great packaging job I have to give him some props and a plug. Seriously this figure came layered in protection; Layer 1. Plastic Bag, Layer 2. Newspaper wrapped like a gift, Layer 3. Cut to size cardboard sheets laid on top and bottom of the figure and taped into place, Layer 4. Another wrapping of paper, Layer 5, A padded envelope also taped securely, and finally Layer 6, packed in a Priority Mail box with bubble wrap and packing paper filling in the gaps in the box to prevent any shaking or movement. Impressive.

3. The Good.

This picture should be erased, destroyed all and all disappeared.

When I first saw the pictures of the prototype figures I thought to myself, “Wow, that looks stupid,” mainly because of the elongated neck. The final product however has that oddity corrected. Which immediately raised my rankings of this guy.

All of the gold used on this figure is a nice brigth addition to your collection.

Also the costume is fantastic. From the gold boots and trim to the ornately screened cape this guy is remarkably true to the comic book look. Also the snap at the top corner of the flap on the front of his suit is a very nice detail that really adds to this particular figures perceived value.

The snap on the upper right shoulder is a nice touch that is more ttrue to the comic than a unitard would lend.
The pattern detail for the cape is also a nice touch.

4. The Bad.

The head sculpt is fun and I get the expression but I think the naysayers in the collecting community would have been less likely to complain about the likeness had the makers went with the squinty eyed look versus the wide eyed, happy go looking and kinda dopey stare. When I first saw the figure I was trying to put my finger on who exactly this guy reminded me of. The jury’s still out but in this guy I notice two possible candidates while my wife noted one. To me he looks a bit like Bill Paxton when he played ‘Chet’ in Weird Science and then the football player guy (Brandon Molale) that Adam Sandler punched in the mouth in Mr. Deeds. My lovely wife Alicia however says he looks similar to Lois & Clark’s Dean Cain, he just needs a tan. Again the jury is still out.

Customizing options abound with this guy!

5. Why I like it.

Attention sellers! Use THIS pic and not the proto. Watch your sales soar!

Again the prototype pictures had turned me off originally. Thanks to those shots I had put this guy way down on the bottom of my collecting priority list. I’ll be the fist to admit that I was indeed very wrong in that assumption and the folks who are still using those pics to sell their product are doing themselves a great injustice. This figure is very cool and tons of 8 inch, clothed action figure fun! Also if you stand him side-by-side the original Mego release you’ll see the designers here refused to allow such a bland representation be re-released upon the world. To that I say “BRAVO!” to EMCE Toys for the excellent redesign work.

6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

You should because…

You know Captain, you really make me smile!

Along with the ‘Good’ points above I’ll add here that adding this figure to your collection of Super Heroes will enhance the color and pop of your displayed figures. This Shazam just explodes with brightness.

You shouldn’t because….

“Happiness is a state of mind! It’s also the state in which I live!”

The only negative I can see in this aspect is that if you are a purest when it comes to likeness this figure will probably leave you cold. In that regard he does kind of look like a way to “Red Bull-ed” up car salesman in a Halloween costume.

In Conclusion

Again I held out on this guy because of the prototype pictures and now I’m glad to say that I did finally break down and dropped the bucks on Billy Batson’s alter ego. I’m also very thrilled with the fact that Mattel did indeed fix the body issues that plagued Waves 1 and 2 of the line. So with my new Shazam in hand I look into the horizon as I wait patiently for the next Wave of Retro Action figures to be announced and then released. Now, Go Play! – Jim 05/12/11

Another Retro Action figue I decided to pick up.

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