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Three little letters can mean so much!

Why? That’s such a remarkably important question. Those three little letters followed by a question mark can unravel the mysteries of the world. They can also bring to light the most mundane points as well. Despite the scope of the subject matter the little word that can mean so much is one that I personally use as my compass, barometer and focus tool. Just like a little kid I use this literary tool to get to the bottom of the thoughts that perplex me not just externally with the world but also internally to the world within myself, and psyche. It’s actually the only absolute philosophy that I will easily recommend to the world at large that if applied properly and truthfully can indeed make the planet a better place to be. “But what does this have to do with toy collecting, Jim?”; you ask. Everything.

It's been a creative life for your old buddy Jimbo.

Using the “why” principle I have created hundreds of television shows, thousands of radio programs, mangled websites, taken jobs, left jobs, formed relationships as well as severing ties. In almost all cases when I applied this philosophy honestly and truthfully to those aforementioned moments in life the outcome was always the right one. The answers may have been painful at times but in the end the hurt was far less than when I tried to manipulate the answer to a particular “why”.

Thanks to my firends at the Mego Museum for the encouragement. I can't thank you all enough!

When I began this blog / website the main “Why” that I intended to tackle was, “Why do I care so much about these little pieces of plastic?” And “Why do I feel the need to write about them, take pictures of them doing silly (and hopefully funny) things, and then sharing my musings with the world?” While the answer is complex on some levels, I will shorten my response for the sake of your eyeballs dear reader. What can I say; I’m a caring guy!

In short I do this first off because for me it is a wonderful creative outlet. Considering this is my hobby I can steal away just enough time from work and family to create these entries thus fulfilling my need to create and entertain. Believe me when I say it is still a bit of a bear to try and put out quality, worthy of your time content but it is easier than producing a weekly television show or daily radio program. And so far I haven’t had to deal with any egos from my cast and crew, mainly because it’s just me. Secondly I do this because I would really like to spread the word that life is far too short to not have some innocent fun. This point really drove home to me this morning.

Before I left for work I was laying next to my lovely wife and equally lovely 16-month-old daughter. My wife is wonderful on many levels but the biggest one being is that she supports this silly little passion of mine and doesn’t mind too terribly much when I steal away a handful of hours creating the weekly “Saturday Morning Funnies” strips. I love you for that dear and thank you. Now when it comes to my itty, bitty, teeny, tiny, little bitty baby girl, she is much more of an inspiration than anything when it comes to holding on to my focus in creating this stuff.

Too be as "super" as Kai Lan. Now that's a goal!

Looking at Kaitlynn there, sound asleep in her purple “Ni hao, Kai Lan” pajamas, she reminds me that I and all of you out there too dear readers, was once that sweet little innocent creature that loved nothing more than playing with toys, watching cartoons, getting lots of love and attention everyday, where something new was discovered. And with each day’s new discovery a sliver of knowledge is added to her repertoire, which takes her another baby step closer to growing older and at the same time farther away from this moment. For those of you with children I’m sure you understand. For those who don’t, reflect back on yourself and your parents as you grew up. For me those thoughts are heart wrenching as I know those moments are gone forever and can never be fully recreated no matter the nostalgic distraction that I may fancy for a moment or two. It’s that line of thought that makes all of this effort very much worth it to me.

My hope is that every time I post something new or you stumble across something old here at the site, you will seriously pause a moment and ask yourself “Why” when it comes to your life, and the way you do the things you do.

Bravo to the creator of this saying.

Are you still learning and exploring everyday? Do you take the time to play? Can certain negatives be spun around into positives with a simple bout of honesty in your self-reflection?  I don’t need or want to know those answers by the way. Those are for you and you alone so please don’t email me looking for an assessment of your overall mental health. I appreciate you tremendously but I’m not a licensed therapist. I would probably just tell you to order a Little Buddy from Dawn O’Connell, buy a camera and a gaggle of Re-Mego’s and have some fun. What works for me may not be such a great thing for you. Moving on.

I can't wait to share what all I've learned and seen!

Getting back on target the reason for today’s entry is to give you all a heads up on some great things that I have coming to this very blog in the very near future. Along with the weekly “Saturday Morning Funnies” strip, the occasional review of new Re-Mego’s I acquire and the sporadic trip through the Toyfare Time Machine I have some fresh and fascinating stuff coming your way. These new features will include interviews with modern day toy makers such as Dr. Mego Paul Clark of EMCE toys and Craig Owen who is the mastermind and talent behind Zica toys (it’s pronounced “ZIIIIIIIIICA” with a long “I” sound by the way. I’ll share with you very soon about what it means.) You’ll also be seeing articles from toy related treks I embark on in the real world that you can enjoy as well.

We all have our moments. I guess today was mine.

So now that I’ve gotten my “Jerry MacGuire” moment out of my system I’ll close this entry. Hopefully along with all of the other things you see and read here at the site it is my wish that you will take my message to heart. No matter what race, creed, color, religion or sex you happen to be I feel toys are a universal absolute (like music) that can add spice to your life even if they inhabit our personal space only peripherally. And just like music, toys come in many shapes, sizes, types and forms. My toy of choice is obviously the 8-inch Mego Style action figure and I highly recommend you give them a try. But I’ll warn you that they are addictive little buggers. But no matter what takes you back to a simpler time and frame of mind, DO IT! Playing sports, video games, going for walks in the woods, whatever gets you back in touch with you from once upon a time ago, seriously go for it. You’ve got nothing to loose but perhaps some stress and drama in your life.

Come on! Share your stories!

As I close I would like to throw out one request. If you do feel so inclined to write please do so. I love getting emails from folks telling me about their favorite toys from yesterday or today and what they meant / mean to them now. Everyone has a story, and the best are told through a child’s eyes. Especially when that child is you dear reader. “Why is that Jim?” Because that is how you really are when you’re a your best!

Now, Go Play! – Jim 05/10/11

Many adventures to come! Join me won't you?

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