Mattel’s Retro Action DC Super Heroes Black Adam

While not so much a ‘must have’ figure this Black Adam does deserve some respect.

In every collector’s life there comes a time when he or she picks up an item simply because its needed to finish a set or collection. That time is now for me with the Retro Action Black Adam. However I do want to point out that while I could care less about this character in general, the figure is indeed fun looking, better body quality than previous Waves from Mattel and also funny looking. That goes a long way in my Toy Box.

1. What it is.

Mattel’s Retro Action DC Super Heroes – Black Adam

2. Where it came from.

Picked this one up on ebay on the cheap.

3. The Good.

"I can fly! Well, with your help and imagination.""I can also walk like an Egyptian. Take that Billy Batson!"

The body is fixed! The costume looks very snazzy with the gold accents. And it is good to have another bad guy in the balanace. For that I must applaud Mattel for their strategy in releasing an equal amount of both good and bad guys. Too bad Mego didn’t take this same approach back in the 70’s.




4. The Bad.

Do we cut along the dotted line? I just don't get it.

Considering I’m pretty indifferent when itcomes to the character I can’ t objectively find any faults. I do have two things that strike me as odd and or kinda stupid. The first is the boots. What gives with the dotted black lines? I’m not sure what effect the designers were going for but in this example I’m totally clueless.

His head seems a touch too small for his neck. But then he is a bad guy, and they're supposed to be ugly.

Another thing that I’m not to overly impressed with is the head sculpt. He looks okay (I actually like his likeness, we’ll come back to that in a minute) but his head seems to be too small for his neck. Leaves him looking like a pin head.

5. Why I like it.

Outside of it being another “new” Mego style super hero to add to the Toy Box, the biggest thing to me is silly but hey it’s my collection right? In all joking seriousness the fact that this figure is a dead ringer for comedic actor Harland williams is simply too cool for school. I’d say Harland do two things here; 1. sue for likeness rights and 2. Agree to drop the suit so long as he is guarenteed the role if they make a live action “Shazam” movie. Again, my two cents.

Harland Williams fans REJOICE!


6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

You should because…

Desipte his lower teir ranking in my book, he is still a nice figure overall.

You gotta collect ’em all! Seriously he is a well made figure with an improved body over previous waves. The shiny gold accents do look cool when on display with other figures.

You shouldn’t because….

The gold touches are nice. Tacky, but nice.

If your not a big Shazam fan you probably have no real interest in this guy. I understand completely. Honestly had I not got him so cheap I probably wouldn’t be writing this review today.

In Conclusion

The Mattel Retro Action Black Adam is a well made figure especially when compared to his counterparts in Wave’s 1 and 2. He’s also a ‘fair’ representation of the character, not great but not too terrible either. Overall i woould recommend this figure to the RA collectors out there because of the quality. I however can’t see this guy ever going for big bucks on the secondary market. Had this wave actually made it to Toys R Us locations (I have no idea why they didn’t btw) I’m sure this fellow would be a peg warmer even more so than Sinestro still is from Wave 1. Maybe they could have tea or something? 

Thanks again for stopping in dear reader. Now, Go Play! Jim 5/01/11

Even though he is kinda stupid looking I have to show him some respect because of his quality. Shoot me because I have manners see if I care.

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