“The Wall” Chapter 16 – Classic TV Toys – The Demonic Devil

Dancing with the devil? Only in toy form kids. Only in toy form.

“The Devil made me do it.” Actually this guys look did indeed influence my decision to give the CTVT Mad Monster Series 2 a shot in the first place. This really is a cool looking toy. Then again that statement is coming from an old 80’s metal head who still finds Iron Maiden’s ‘Eddie’ and Motley Crue’s ‘Allister Fiend’ truly beautiful works of art. This guy is by far my favorite CTVT Mad Monster and I can honestly say that I really seeing this dude hanging out on “The Wall”.









Point #1. What it is.

Classic TV Toys Man Monster Series 2: The Demonic Devil

Point #2. Where it came from.

HULK over at Megoville again provided me such a great deal on this one that I still can't thank him enough. Go check out his site http://www.megoville.com and ask for the Hulk brothers. Tell 'em Jim sent ya.


Point #3. The Good.

The heald sculpt is quite impressive. It just screams evil.

This is by far the best head sculpt and paint application that Classic TV Toys has done on any of their releases. Period. The mean expression, the detail lines, the snarl, all of these elements make for one truly demonic looking toy.

The details are aweome on this one.
No devil can be complete without a tail.

I also like the fact that they did go the extra mile in adding a tail to the suit, which appears to be based on the original Mego Green Arrow unitard just color swapped. I also like the shiny cape. Would the Devil wear a shiny cape? I don’t know for sure but I’d bet the Lord of Darkness is indeed so evil that he would gladly wear shiny pleather and dare anyone to say something. And if they did he would stab ’em in the throat with the really cool trident that he’s packing. This guy is evil I tell ya.

The trident: When you absolutely positiviely want to torture human souls in the most painful fashion. Accept no substitutes.














Point #4. The Bad.

How scared can you be of a guy in pointy shoes really?

Again see Chapter 7 for the exact same quality issues that this guy has. The only thing specific to the Devil here would have to be the shoes. I mean red pointy slippers? Sure it works for the devil on that particular brand of potted meat I guess but considering how evil this guy looks you would think the CTVT folks could chosen a more “hardcore” looking footwear selection. Of course it’s all about repurposing in the world of Mego but Robin’s booties looked silly on him and King Arthur no matter what color you cast them.

I guess they ran out of red dye. Probably used it all up on the goofy shoes.

Also the glow in the dark hands (they don’t by the way) take away from this figure’s overall presentation even more so than the shoes. It’s almost like he’s wearing white gloves to test for dust in Hell. Considering it’s Hell I’m sure there’s plenty of dust all over the place.






Point #5. Why I like it.

"We are legion."

Again the look of this figure rocks! Plus there is still a little bit of rebel/non conformist in me that likes the idea of having a toy in my collection that can indeed freak people out. One of these days I am going to build a diorama featuring this guy surrounded by black candles and a serpent style dagger at his feet and place it on my mantle at home. Image the fun it will be when the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormon’s pop in and catch a glimpse of this conversation starter. When they gasp in horror I’ll let ’em know that the shrine serves as my reminder of who really is to blame for all of my shortcomings. Oh what fun next Wednesday will be!

Sure I'll take the latest copy of "Watchtower". Set it next to the Devil's feet would ya?













Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

I still can't believe the CTVT folks would put out this much effort and not go the extra mile to ensure better quality in their final products.

This is a perfect addition to your Halloween Decor collection. Plus they can be found so cheap that you can have a bunch of ’em all over the house considering most demons and devils like to travel in packs. Plus for the customizers who happen to be Adam Sandler fans have a great starting point for making figures based on the gold toned devils in ‘Little Nicky’. Grab some Krylon and a CTVT Friar Tuck cloak and Wah Lah! Instant bunny munching custom!

Why you shouldn’t:

Again it’s all about the quality of the bodies or lack there of. And of course I wouldn’t recommend this one for kids, especially if they’re the timid type considering how mean this guy really does look.




In Conclusion

CTVT’s were really on the verge of doing something really neat with this line but sadly completely dropped the ball. Still I do dig having this devil around the collection and on “The Wall”.

Well dear reader the past 16 chapters have been a wonderful learning experience for me and I hope entertaining reads for you. The future of the ‘Jim’s Toy Box’ blog is actually looking very bright. Coming soon I will be expanding the scope of this blog to include more interviews and inside looks at the makers and players in the 8 inch action figure market as well as other fun action figure features and funnies. I will also be working on incorporating more video as well for those of you who prefer the click and watch approach. It looks to be a lot of fun. So do me a solid if you will, go back and rate the chapters that made up “The Wall” leave a comment where you feel compelled to and please, please, please, subscribe. So long as I know that you’re out there I will continue to steal away time from the “real world” to bring you entertaining and informative articles that are geared toward you, the action figure collector. So until next time. my sincerest thanks to each of you for reading the 16 chapters of “The Wall”. Now,  Go Play! Jim 04-13-11

Get behind me Satan! I do enjoy saying that.

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