“The Wall” Chapter 5- Flatt World Bela Lugosi as Dracula

"I loved you in Glen or Glenda. 'Pull the string! Pull the string!' Classic! Karloff could only dream to sell a scene like that.""

This Chapter of “The Wall” features the most pictures to date of any of my entries. And with very good reason. This figure is so detail loaded you can’t help but rave about every detail from the boat load of accessories (or should I say ‘coffin load’ all the way down to Dracula’s socks. This figure is incredible and was certainly way ahead of it’s time. While both Flatt World Toys and Bela Lugosi are both long gone this figure is a stunning legacy to behold. There would be even more pics if it weren’t for the fact that my camera’s Macro setting is a bit weak.

And the best thing in regards to this figure is that you can actually get one RIGHT NOW for the insanely low price of $17.50 plus shipping from my pals over at Cast-A-Way Toys.  Check out my take and then quickly get over to their site and get your Bela NOW. I don’t now how many they have but I promise you they won’t last long. And once you see this chapter of “The Wall” you’ll see why. You know what? Go ahead and order it now and then come back and enjoy this chapter. It’ll help kill the time while you wait for yours to arrive. http://store.castawaytoys.com/bela-lugosi-dracula-flattworld.html

Mind you I’ve not getting any kickbacks on this but do me a solid and tell ’em you heard about this super deal here at “The Wall”.

Point #1. What it is.

Flatt World 8 inch Bela Lugosi as Dracula. Truly a highlight of the late 90's action figure explosion.

Point #2. Where it came from.

I picked this fella up off the Mego Museum's Marketplace. It was a great deal but for right now you can get an even better from Cast A Way Toys via this link: http://store.castawaytoys.com/bela-lugosi-dracula-flattworld.html

Point #3. The Good.


The level of detail that went into this figure is stagerring.

Simply put, this figure ROCKS! It’s hard to find anyone in the collecting community who will blatantly bad mouth this toy. There really is no reason. The costume is incredible. The details that Charlie Flatt put into this simply amazing. Mind you the price tag of $60 dollars during it’s initial release was a bit lofty but the quality makes up for the price tag. Surprisingly however, these days you can get one for a third of that original MSRP. I honestly don’t know why that is.  While I don’t know the exact number of figures produced I can assume that considering the original price tag, that there were that many. But then again if we use the original price as our barometer it is possible that they simply didn’t sell back in the pre-dot com bust of the 90’s.







Pardon the fuzziness of this pic but honestly I'm not too upset with my camera. Normally you can't get a vampire to show up on film at all.

Another thing that is really cool about this figure from tip to top is the accessories. Sure it’s got a bat and a candelabra but this in scale coffin is too sweet. The figure fits perfectly and there is room for the bat and candelabra for the sake of storage. For me though I put the whole thing back together in it’s original unique trapezoid packaging.  Otherwise it wouldn’t be on “The Wall”.











The ability to pose a shot like this is a real deal maker for me.









Again the detail is so wonderful on this figure including the monogrammed ring on Drac's finger.
Here he comes kids! It's Dracula! Okay so that wasn't scary at all but then again he is only 8 inches tall.










Point #4. The Bad.

The incredible detail in the costume sadly can't cover up the fact that the likeness to Bela Lugosi is a bit weak.

Believe it or not I’m not going to be all wishy-washy on the bad points on this one. Simply put, the sculpt is a bit lacking. The funny thing here though is that by most standards its really not all that bad either. The trick I think with the scrutiny of the sculpt comes from the fact that everything else is so highly detailed that it makes this shortcoming stand out more. Still I have yet to see a better 8 inch mas produced version of Bela Lugosi. So in the end I still have to give it Charlie Flatt for an impressive figure.

The only other negative that came to light for me was the coffin.

Putting this box together gave me the creeps. Not because of the death symbolism but instead the fear of breakage.

As I’ve stated in previous chapters my biggest pet peeve is a toy that breaks with very minimal effort exerted on it. That’s how I felt about the coffin. As I was assembling it for this photo shoot I was very concerned about breaking the top hinge. Mind you it didn’t but it still seemed like it was going to snap at any moment if I didn’t press and push at just the right angle. That struck me as odd considering the lower hinge gave me no similar grief whatsoever. Also when I pulled it back apart it held up fine. I was extremely careful though and I’m not sure that less patient types would have the same wonderful results.

Another thing about the coffin that was a minor drag was the “D” crest that comes with it. This little icing on the cake is neat but the adhesive patch that came with it was oddly enough only one sided. Considering that Charlie Flatt was a customizer first and a toy company second I can see why he would leave the option for this cool looking coffin to remain generic but still something just seemed cheap when it cam to the decision to use an adhesive for the crest.

Point #5. Why I like it.

Outside of those very mild negatives I can’t rave about this toy enough. I dare say that it is the highest quality 8 inch figure I have ever owned. And even though the likeness is a bit weak as I stated, you still know that this figure is indeed supposed to be the one and only Bela Lugosi in his most famous role.

"Bela set the standard for Vampire charisma. Charlee Flatt re-set the standard for 8 inch action figures."
"Another awesome aspect of the figure is the "Everything you ever needed to know about Bela Lugosi" brochure.
The brochure (and outer box) features licensed photos from the Lugosi estate that make this for me much more than a toy.
Looking at the photo used on the inside of the banner it leads me to think that this was the refrence photo used for the figure.
Bela and his son Bela Jr. who agreed to an licensed Lugosi's image to Flatt. For me I like seeing this human side of the world's most recognizable vampire.
The costume is so highly detailed that Bela is even wearing socks! How cool is it to know that your vampire will not have to worry about having cold toes?
And like Bela, Dawn O'Connell made mini Jim super cool by making socks for me too. I'm telling you guys and gals, order your little buddy today for yourself or as a gift!

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

Please see all of the above pics, duh. Plus with the price that Cast-A-Way is currently selling these for, you really can’t go wrong. They would also make a perfect gift for the toy, horror, Hollywood or monster fan. Simply Excellent!


To not have one would be a sin.

Why you shouldn’t:

Considering the sale price at Cast A Way toys right now I can’t think of any reason what so ever to not pick this toy up. You really owe this one to yourself or your action figure or doll collecting friends collection. Even if they aren’t into the 8inch mego style figures (dork) they will truly appreciate this toy.

No need for a Vampire's hypnotizing glare to convince you to get this one. The reasons why are from head to toe, front and back and all the way around the box! Go look at all the pics again.

In Conclusion

Highly articulated. Insane costume detail. Perfect accessories. A fairly decent sculpt. A plethora of knowledge inside and out. I’m telling you this is a great action figure, toy, work of art, history lesson. Seriously go here… http://store.castawaytoys.com/bela-lugosi-dracula-flattworld.html and get your today before they’re all gone at this incredibly low price! Seriously, do it so you can truly GO PLAY!

Jim 4-04-11

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