“The Wall” Chapter 3: FX Exclusive Greatest American Hero

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FX Exclusive: “Ralph: The Greatest American Hero”

For this look at “The Wall” I want to first and foremost say that I am not gloating that this mighty fine collectible is all mine.

I'm not gloating but I am pleased as punch to have this fellow hanging out in my collection.
I’m not gloating but I am pleased as punch to have this fellow hanging out in my collection.

Oh wait. Who am I kidding? I love the fact that I have one and you don’t! Nah, just kidding but with this figure being such a limited release I can’t help but to be excited as a collector. Plus this toy really was one of the top five on my letter to Santa in ’81.And now thanks to the efforts of some very serious Mego lovers, I (and you) can own this awesome figure that sadly never made it to stores (or Santa’s magic bag o’ toys). But then again one of the thrills of collecting is tracking down the illusive, hard to get, limited edition, “grails”.

Before we go too deep I want to note something very important to the details (or lack thereof) that you may find in this review. “The Wall” project was meant to be a blog learning tool for me and my intended entries were going to be a brief look at the 16 figures that are on my wall at home. I point this out on this particular review because I do not want anyone who made this figure happen to feel slighted in the least. As described on the back of the card, the list of people involved in this project is quite massive and I don’t feel at this moment in time I can complete my own little goal here and serve the history aspect of this figure properly. With all of that said I must again tip my hat to all of you who are credited on the cardback as well as those who are simply noted as the “entire Mego Community”.  You guys and gals did good! Now on to this chapter of “The Wall”.

Point#1. What it is.

Safe and sound inside of a Castaway Toys Superclam, this “Ralph” figure is a highly sought after collectible.

Point#2. Where it came from.

The compelte story of Mego’s plans as well as prototype pics are included on the back of the card. And was written by Mego Museum mastermind Brian “Brain” Heiler.

Point#3. The Good.

The likeness to actor William Katt is outstanding!
Stepping straight out of ABC’s 1981 Primetime line up.

The first thing fans will notice is that the head  sculpt on this toy is outstanding. When comparing this special edition figure to the pictures of Mego’s prototypes that can be found at the Mego Museum, this is by far a much better product. While some may speculate that Mego’s final result could have captured a better likeness I myself have doubts. Those doubts stem from the fact that at the time that this would have been produced, Mego was in a world of hurt and other lines seemed to have a lot of details cut out of the final product. The main examples being the sculpts on Bo and Daisy Duke as well as Jon from the CHiP’s line.

The costume that was created for this figure is also something to behold. For some strange reason I’m not too sure of, the cape impresses me the most. The way it was made of a light loose fabric, trimmed with a screen accurate red stripe and scaled to fit perfectly just seems to pull the figure together very nicely. Another aspect I find very clever is that using only simple string the costume designers really helped this outfit not only look dead on screen accurate but also much more complex than it’s actual design. Take a look at the walk around photo’s and I think you’ll see what I mean.

The lighter fabric used for the cape makes for a great “flowing” appearance.

Here’s one available NOW!
A Very Rare Variant Can Be Found HERE!
If you’ve got the money to burn dig this one!

Another aspect of the figure that really sings for me is the backdrop art work that was created. Collectors who may be too gun shy to actually open the figure (it’s a resealable Super Clam folks) they may have missed out on this incredible, dare I say, accessory.

Tucked away in the region of a card that normally doesn’t exist. In between.
Thanks to alll the talent Mego lovers who made this figure happen, you too can recreate the magic moment when a guy named “Ralph” became our greatest champion. My apologies to Donny Most.

Point#4. The Bad.

This part of the review is always the toughest considering I’m #1. Not a negative type by nature and #2. If it’s in my

Being limited to 500 pieces is the closest thing I can come up with for a negative. Mine is #21. And no, I’m not selling it.

personal collection I can’t see why I’d be all that quick to point out the flaws in the things I love so much. In the case of this figure the only thing that I can honestly say could even remotely be considered a negative is kind of an oxymoron, because it’s also it’s greatest asset as a collectible… It’s limited availability. So I don’t think you can really call this a negative but being a tenderhearted fellow I do feel for those that have been unsuccessful in claiming one for their collection without paying in some cases, crazy high prices. Recently one has been spotted on ebay with a $600 price tag. Good luck to that seller as the average aftermarket value ranges from $125 to $175.

Here’s one available NOW!
A Very Rare Variant Can Be Found HERE!
If you’ve got the money to burn dig this one!

Point#5. Why I like it.

As I’ve already mentioned, as a kid I always wanted a Greatest American Hero to join in the adventures of Superman, Batman & Robin and Bo & Luke Duke. As an adult collector who is now obsessed with the Mego legacy and the rebirth of the Mego style action figure returning to the market, the very creation of this toy is a glowing example of what exactly can be done if dedicated people with a dream stay focused and bring their dreams into the realm of reality. So in essence this toy for me signifies “hope” in the fact that through diligence dreams do come true.

And not only can “Little Buddies Jim” hang out with Ralph, I’m getting closer to being age appropriate to play “Bill Maxwell” if they ever do decide to do a movie. Ahhhh, dreams are fun!

Point#6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should…

A fun work of “heart” and art.

If your a fan of the show, the character (there have also been comic books written by William Katt btw) or Mego / 8inch toys in general this is a must have collectible. Plus the quality of the figure and packaging is something to behold as a true work of art.And from a collector’s stand point there is nothing more thrilling or rush inducing than setting your sights on a “grail” and going after it relentlessly. I would recommend getting involved with the Mego Museum community. There you will find the greatest group of fun loving collectors who in my experience, are always quick to lend advice, a lead or even the item of your dream collection. http://www.megomuseum.com

Why you shouldn’t…

The only reason I can even remotely steer you away from this toy is perhaps the price tag. Being a limited edition with

“Spot me a couple Benjamins so I can take you home?”

a run of only 500 you can easily see why the laws of supply and demand are in full effect with the bottom line on this one. So I guess the only reason I can say you shouldn’t try to acquire this figure is that if your bank account is in the red you might want to save up first before plunking down the cash.

Here’s one available NOW!
A Very Rare Variant Can Be Found HERE!
If you’ve got the money to burn dig this one!

In Conclusion

This toy is awesome. This collectible is a must have. The effort that went in to making it is highly admirable. A  great toy overall.  Oh and I didn’t mention the even more limited run of “Ralph” in his alter ego suit.  But then again that one hasn’t made it to “The Wall”… yet.  Now, GO PLAY! – Jim 03/30/11

"Pardon me while Ralph and I go save the world from communist scum. Peace Out Hommies!
“Pardon me while Ralph and I go save the world from communist scum. Peace Out Hommies!”

Here’s one available NOW!
A Very Rare Variant Can Be Found HERE!
If you’ve got the money to burn dig this one! 

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