Intermission? But we just got started!

Good morning all. Taking a time away from “The Wall” to get a little more familiar with Word Press. The big thing me that I want to learn is adding links to text and pictures. Link any good web article should do, I want to be able to point you in the right direction for more info and other really cool spots on the web. So let’s play shall we?

Greatest place on the planet can be found HERE

One day funny videos will be found HERE

My little Web World is HERE

Okay so I’ve just finished writing the above text and am now going to add the links. It’s 7:20 AM and you must be bored to be reading this.  

Okay it’s now 7:24 and the links have been created. Now to test ’em…

Cool. It’s now 7:26 AM and all checks out. I was going to do an “email me” link but that didn’t work out so well. That’s okay… it’ll give me something to learn tomorrow.



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