Shuttin’ ‘er down. 01/01/2017

Greetings dear readers! It’s been a blast the 7 years but it’s time for your old buddy Jimbo to move forward in things. Not that I don’t still love action figures and toys, far from that. But to review, has lost it’s pop for me and time has not been on my side to dedicate the proper time to maintaining this wonderful online repository of my fanboy flavorings.

Of course there is no real need to make such an announcement, I feel it’s only right considering some of you have been following the Toy Box for so many years and have been incredibly supportive, the least I can do is let you know. And so I have.

It’s been a ton of fun, a fantastic learning experience and more importantly, I’ve made some friends along the way. But who’s to say what the future may hold?

Now, Go Play (and keep playing)!

Jim 11/22/16



3 thoughts on “Shuttin’ ‘er down. 01/01/2017”

  1. I’m patiently waiting for a “Jim’s Toy Box” (featuring Jim’s toy box) new segment entitled: “WHAT’S IN THAT TOY BOX ?!?” .. broadcast/video actually showing Jim reach into that toy box and show off his latest toy surprise !

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