The Challenge Participants are ROLLING OUT!

The first to accept the challenge are stepping up to the plate and they really knock it out of the box! But what else could you expect from The Unbox Boys?🙂




Great things come in small packages. Dig the latest review on the Gentle Giant Super Powers Micro Figures now!



It’s been WAY too long since we’ve played…. so to make up for it I’m got two things coming your way.. a Challenge and two contests! Are you read to Play? Good! Details coming real soon, come like the page and get ready to play🙂 – Jim


Little Buddy Jim is super excited about what all is happening at the Toy Box NOW. Literally a dream come true. Give a click and see what all the excitement is about!


Doing some retooling around the Toy Box. I appreciate you stopping by and i hope to make the place much more user friendly in tyhe coming days… Until then… enjoy what you see and tell your friends, I truly appreciate it.

Now, Go Play! – Jim 03/09/16

 Check out the complete results on the FB page
Check out the complete results on the FB page

If you didn’t play yesterday, shame on you. Lighten up and have some fun, just like Captain Solo and his pal, Lando. I share with you now, the moments that made 3/4/16 so much fun. Enjoy the slide show and you know the drill…

Now Go, Play!

Jim 3/5/16

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A truly amazing experience for this old fanboy!

If there was ever a monumental moment in my life it came at Visioncon 2016 in Branson, Missouri the weekend of February 26th thru the 28th. It was there that I finally connected with the reality I’ve only dreamed of. These folks are the dreamers and doer’s. The ones who create and enjoy creation. These are my people. These are my kind. To find this kinship is something that I can not appreciate enough. In the end this is one big ole love letter of appreciation to all the folks that made Visioncon 2016 and an absolute JOY to have attended and EXPEREINCED.

Selfies have never been so much fun for Alicia🙂

I’d seen the pictures. Heard the stories. Longed for the day to experience one myself. My mantra has always been “Now, Go Play!” and I encourage it in everyday life but now I know where my true Mecca is. And the best part is that while I’m sure nothing will replace this first experience in its wild eyed wonderment, I and my family know the pilgrimages that we need and MUST take for the rest of our days. It’s literally like old Ben Kenobi said; “You’ve taken your first step into a large world.”

It gave me focus and direction. Hence ALL of the posts lately. I am in my creative groove and refuse to let it go. Thank you!

Scouting locations for Ghostbusters 4?

As such, it seemed only fitting to share the experience with all of you my dear readers. Many of you have most likely been to Cons so you know what exactly what I’m talking about. The others of you who were like us before Visioncon should make it a point, a goal, a MISSION to go to one. You owe it to yourself and your family.

War Machine was so light on his feet!

The experience was so monumental and overwhelming for my creative process I figure the only way to do it justice in any cohesive way is to break it up into parts that I will release soon in  6 parts. I literally want to savor these moments and share them in a way to 1. Show my appreciation and 2. Properly express the importance I feel for all folks to take advantage of these types of incredible opportunities for PLAY!

The series will folds like this:

Part 1 – It was a religious experience…

Part 2 – The guests of Honor: Sam Witwer and Christie Golden.

Part 3 – The Cosplayers – I finally get it!

Part 4 – The Iron Brothers of Topeka – A family that embodies what I mean when I say; Now Go Play!

Part 5 – The location was superb, the vendor prices were excellent.

Part 6 – The organizers did an amazing job! And the future looks so very bright thanks to the inspiration and the influence.

vaderJuggling the day job duties and getting this “right” is taking me a little time but I assure you the journey will be worth it! Also I want to take this time to give a HUGE shout out to Visioncon’s Andrea Smith and  Karen Schaeperkoetter for the media access to the event. You ladies are my Rock stars!

Oh, and while I have your attention, check out Karen’s 3e0e29054f2fd31ebc4c4aedfbaa191c_originalincredibly creative comic book project “Lame Brains”. There will be more about that soon too… again I’ve met my kindred spirits and we’ve got a LOT of playing to do!


Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/01/2016

I do believe a crush has occurred…






For this trip I figured I should get comfortable. It's a long ride back to the past.
For this trip I figured I should get comfortable. It’s a long ride back to the past.

Art…. Nostalgia… Time Machine… It’s what the Toy Box IS and will continue to BE.

Greetings Dear Readers! First let me say thank you for keeping the my toy box alive for all so many years now and I hope you all have enjoyed the reviews, articles and goofy stuff that I’ve shared with you since the beginnings of the site. It’s been a lot of fun and now I’m looking forward to a whole lot of new stuff for 2016 that I think you’ll really enjoy.

For the New Year and beyond I’m opening the boMe carrying RA1x up to some new ideas that I know I for one am truly going to enjoy. While the reviews will still be a big part of the site the perspective and content is going to get freshened up by some of my friends. Be sure to stay on the look out for guest reviewers coming soon. This line of thinking also got me listening, thinking and learning.


A podcast is in the very early stages of pre production. Bet you didn't know the Dr. could also rock it out. For this shot he borrowed Scott Ian's guitar (also from BBP btw).Being an old radio guy I’m a slave to the concept of format and theme and as such I’m wanting to make sure that whatever we bring you will be worth your time to listen to. And in thinking about that I had to ask myself; “What IS IT about these little playthings that keeps ME entertained?” The answer came in three parts; Nostalgia is obvious, the mental time travel to childhood aspect and the deepest of them all; the art.

Only a mother or a comic book artist could love this mug. Or your old but Jimbo!
Only a mother or a comic book artist could love this mug. Or your old but Jimbo!

From the design and sculpts to paint and graphics, toys are truly my preferred form of art to stare at, contemplate and be inspired by. Even more so than the characters that may be represented, the artistic skills that go into a particular toy has always amazed and entertained me. It’s also why when something catches my eye, I prefer to have two. One packaged and one for display. Each form is a separate piece of art that deserves appreciation. It’s not about “Mint in Box or on the Card” it’s about maintaining the integrity of the piece. Which just so happens to be equally enjoyable in or out of its casing. I’ve been wanting to explain that for a long time now so thank you for humoring me.

me on floorAnd that brings up another point that I would like to make, this one pointed at the non toy collector who doesn’t “get it”. So many believe that it’s a childish hobby or a fools errand in trying to secure a financial investment. And while the later could be true, it’s not in my opinion, enough of a motivating force to maintain such a thriving market (the collectors market). Enough preaching. Plus none of us really need to justify our passion. Just do it. I say it now only after lots of introspection and planning for the future and felt the need to share. So I did.

Mini Me 1Concluding this rambling I again want to sincerely say thank you to each and every one of you. Your continued support and readership has allowed me to accomplish the two initial goals I set out for myself. The first being learning HOW to blog and the second to be a professional toy reviewer. Without you, your input and your following those couldn’t have happened. So now I want to give back by way of offering you more entertainment, information and fun in 2016. As a matter of fact I’m working on the first article as soon as I finish this paragraph. Well lookie there! I’m done.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 12/29/15

toy box copynow-go-play-large-72dpi_zpsad0f6755


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  1. I’m patiently waiting for a “Jim’s Toy Box” (featuring Jim’s toy box) new segment entitled: “WHAT’S IN THAT TOY BOX ?!?” .. broadcast/video actually showing Jim reach into that toy box and show off his latest toy surprise !

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