Minions, seriously; What the F@%!?

Watch your mouth! Or perhaps just your ears?

They’re cute and all the rage these days but do Dreamworks Minions found inside McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys also have rage issues of their own? I took the caveman Minion to task to see if the rumors were true and was actually surprised at what I found: somebody needs to get the soap!


When I first heard about the Minions and their filthy little mouths my mind flashed to two points: 1. The Teletubbies gender and sexuality issues of the 90’s and 2. People are once again going overboard in the world of being offended. Either way I decided to walk away from this topic and let it fade away. That is until I picked up a Happy Meal for my daughter and the bright orange, loin clothed caveman Minion started ranting before the first chicken McNugget was consumed.

Before I go any further with this I want to point out a couple of things. This piece is not to bash, blame or complain. In fact my wife and I found this kinda funny. These days I steer pretty clear of the crass humor for the sake of my five year old who picks up on everything. To each his or her own but I really don’t find it cute for my daughter to quote a line from a Kevin Smith flick. Love the View Askewniverse but, no. Moving on…

buttersAs I mentioned at the start I thought all the social media ramblings were once again much ado about nothing, that is until I heard it myself. To which my wife and I giggled as this little voice that sounds surprisingly like Butters from South Park saying what does indeed sound like “What the f@%#?”. But wait there’s more! The second bump to the creature produced what sounded like; “Why, I’ll be damned!” To which I was. So perhaps it isn’t so much that the Minion has a potty mouth as it is a mind reader because I indeed was.

A release from McDonald’s Inc says that it’s all a misunderstanding and the Minions speak nothing but gibberish so anything “heard” is merely a coincidence. Same thing was said about Tinky Winky way back when. While that sounds like a plausible explanation because the human mind has no choice but to try and process something logical out of the illogical I gotta call BS on this one. Before we get to the video examples of our suspect let’s take a look at the instruction sheet that came with this little fella.

Pointing out text

On the sheet it shows, in quotes the gibberish that the little fellow is allegedly saying. Problem is the syllables and phonetics obviously don’t add up. “para la bukay” sounds nowhere near what comes out of this little fella’s mouth. Okay semantics police, para la bukay” sounds nowhere near what comes out of this little fella’s speaker hole found on the back of his head… Are we done now? Thank you. Read the text and listen to the clip….

Not even close. Did you hear what I (and a whole bunch of other folks) hear? Maybe yes, maybe no but I do know after you watch the clip again with subtitles, you most certainly will. It’s merely how the brain works.

So was this an intentional Easter egg planted by the toy makers? Or is it a very ironic and shocking coincidence? Or is it really much ado about nothing and doesn’t really matter? I’ll let you be the judge on that one. Personally I think who ever programmed the sound knew exactly what they were doing and in fairness it’s kinda funny. But then again it’s not. I really don’t want my daughter spitting out either of the phrases. Kids are funny like that, mimicking sounds and all. But then again I wouldn’t mind kicking back and watching Clerks this evening in the family room. Maybe with a cheeseburger Happy Meal in tow. Why not? Seriously, “What the f@%#?” ;)

Seriously, what say you? Drop a comment below.

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Jim 07/15/15

Check this out! Keep Your Toy Box Organized with DASH

Keep Your Toy Box Organized with DASH

Not everyone buys their first action figure with the intent of collecting, and not everyone realizes they’ve already begun collecting until they’ve amassed a considerable number of toys. And then it just happens: you look up at your shelf and realize you’ve got quite the spread, and there are so many other great collectibles out there for you. But your collection is getting out of hand – you go to the store and can’t remember if you’ve bought this model before, or if you thought of buying it but didn’t. You go home to check, and realize you haven’t bought it, but by the time you get back to the store, it’s gone – snatched from you in your moment of hesitation.

Okay, so maybe that doesn’t always happen, but wouldn’t that be a nightmare? It’s why you need to have a good system for organizing the things in your toy box… or shelf. After all, whether you plan to sell your collection someday or just want to keep it to yourself, antique toys are quite the popular investment, and could even be lucrative if done properly. In the old days, keeping your collection organized for potential buyers or for posterity meant keeping receipts (which would fade with age, rendering them useless), but now, there are several options that help the would-be toy collector keep track of every valuable toy.

One such option is the DASH Action Figure Collector app. Available on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play, the app gives users access to information on thousands of action figures, as well as the chance to finally organize their collection. Here’s a quick rundown of its features from the developers themselves:

“Once you open the app, you’re greated with a helpful home screen. From the main screen you can access your collection of figures, search for figures in the catalog, scan a barcode (Android only), access your wanted list, or even find articles from right here on DASH Flash. I think the coolest feature is being able to view and manage your digital DASH collection right from the phone. You can see a list of all your figures separated into their respective categories, from which you can then go to any single figure’s listing from the DASH Catalog… But the fun doesn’t actually end there. One of the most useful features ever devised for an action figure collector is the built-in barcode scanner in the Anroid app. Thanks to DASH’s extensive record of UPC codes for figures, you can pull up most figures’ listings using nothing more than a barcode and your phone.”

Of course, nothing is perfect, and some of the features of the app require an upgrade. It can also be quite annoying if you’re on the road – which is when the app claims to be most useful – but can’t get a decent signal in a ToyCon and can’t access anything because your data sucks. It would be great if the app could store information locally so you wouldn’t need an internet connection to do quick searches, because as Kim Shadbolt of Pocket Fruity explains, “3G is good, but can be a bit temperamental depending on where you are, what network you’re on and how much data allowance you have.” If you’ve got LTE or a stable WiFi connection, this shouldn’t pose much of a problem, and when you really think about it, all that information stored on your phone would probably end up slowing it down anyway.

The app also requires an account on DASH to work, but there’s a good chance that you already have one. In any case, creating an account is free, so that shouldn’t really pose much of a problem. But while you can browse figures on the free app, you’d actually need to upgrade to get full functionality. It’s a great app and it pays for itself over time, but unless you’re actually really into collecting toys, you may want to skip this one and stick to their website for searches.

Dash 1 Dash 2 Dash 3

Arkansas is great for Chuckles


Being a kid in the 70’s and 80’s was indeed a fun time thanks to all the awesome pop culture tie-in’s we enjoyed. From Mego’s World’s Greatest Super Heroes to G.I.Joe’s miniaturization to become Real American Heroes, play time was simply fantastic. Sure the tie in television cartoons of the day helped push the national unity of our pre pubescent pop culture, there was a disconnect for a kid in Arkansas. Well that is until Hasbro gave us Chuckles.

Chuckles1Debuting in 1987 I was just barely able to get to know this undercover specialist before being whisked away into junior high land were the focus shifted from fun to flirting and the simple joys of playtime were traded for face time with the girls that just a year prior were invisible, I guess. Back to Chuckles…

chucklesIn the comics Chuckles was a bit of a bad ass. Leading missions, faking his own death. Overall HOO-RAH kind of guy. He got a little screwed in the cartoon movie, being turned into nothing more than a big and strong mute but whatchagonna do? More important than any of those things was Chuckles place of birth: Little Rock, Arkansas! Wait, what? A member of the Joe team heralded from my home city and state? Sweet!

tumblr_njq78trxPj1u5v50co1_500This really was a big deal for a kid from the Natural State. You gotta figure, this is before Bill Clinton became President and Hillary only scared children inside the 501 area code. True story. I’ll have to share that tale from 1981 one of these days. I’ll just say this, first grade was never quite the same as the future Presidential candidate red us all a book. I don’t remember the title but I do remember the glasses and the headband. Spooky, I tell ya.

images (2)images (1)Prior to this celebrity making the grade on the national stage the only other such famous Little Rocker I was privy to was TV’s Buck Rogers – Gil Gerard. Now this was and is a cool fact but Buck was 1. already off the air and 2. not from Arkansas. Gil was but not Buck. There are lines. Still love him though even if his toys produced by Mego were small and extremely bland or have now turned into zombies. Chuckles though didn’t have this problem.(Not to slight the awesome job done by ZICA Toys a few years back) 

downloadJust enough detail and paint scheme to bring out his face detail but more importantly was the Hawaiian shirt that everyone in Arkansas wore. Okay maybe not but I do recall a wave of those shirts making the style circuit around that time. And if nothing else we Arkansans are fashion conscious. We were way ahead of the Seattle grunge look withal the plaid shirts.

As the years passed so did my thoughts about Chuckles. That is until I started thinking about features for the Toy Box. Thinking about Gil Gerard as a famous Arkansan forever captured in plastic I started researching and found a rich history of entertainers from the “Land of Opportunity” that I had no clue about that I really should have learned in school instead of being terrified by Hillary Clinton reading me a children’s book. {Shiver}.

The short list is incredibly impressive:

imagesCreature from the Black Lagoon star Julie Adams, which led to this fantastic opportunity to chat with here. 


61HNkYSCOML._SL1001_The original Man in Black Johnny Cash (of course but not until recent years was there a toy),



$_3541EHH08VR1LActress and View Askew-niverse Alumnus – Joey Lauren Adams



0d95e83e0c95475313caf8efb9e29648WKRP in Cincinnati’s Sales Manage Herb Tarlek – Mr. Frank Bonner. Sure there’s no action figures of Herb and the crew and that’s a shame. Bif Bang Pow should totally do a line of 3&3/4 inch figures that could come with pop out playsets like the new Big Bang Theory figures do. Just saying.

You can see the complete list of Famous Arkansans via the state’s official tourism page:

GI_Joe_Cobra_1_Howard_ChaykinWow, look what we just did, gang! We learned something neat and fun all the while chatting up toys and pop culture. All thanks to Chuckles. You, good sir are a Real American (and Arkansas) Hero.

What about your home city and state? What famous folks have been cast in plastic from where you reside that you didn’t know? Share with me and grow our pop culture, playtime knowledge!

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Jim 07/07/15


I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No really, this’ll be fun too!

help wanted

Greetings gang! In KEEPING WITH MY NEW THEME OF “Adventures from Jim’s Toy Box” I had an idea and I need YOUR help with. As is pretty obvious to see around these parts, I’ve got a thing for Entertainment Earth. Why? Because they were the first company to give me a crack at fulfilling a true dream; being a professional toy reviewer.


When I started Jim’s toy Box all those years ago it was a two fold mission. The first being to learn how to blog and the second is the aforementioned goal. I feel confident in saying that I’ve done both but now I want to take it to the next level by bringing you dear reader more into the fold. “How you gonna do that, Jim?” Glad you asked!


For the first couple of years of being an affiliate with Entertainment Earth I received a small percentage of referral sales. That was extremely cool but frankly I’m not in this for the money so much as I am in the mission of encouraging people of all ages to PLAY. So keeping in that spirit I’ve switched over to receiving store credit for my efforts and now I’ve built up some bank and I want you to help me spend it.


What I’ve done is pulled five items that have tickled my fancy and peaked my curiosity and perhaps yours as well. While I am an action figure guy, obviously of the 8 inch, retro clothed style variety I really want to branch out. So dig these options and help me decide. I’m going to run this for a week (starting today, Monday July 6th through this coming Sunday the 12th) and announce the choice next Monday and place the order. The review will follow as soon as I get the little jewel in my hands.


So check out my selections and lets have some fun!


Selection 1: Curly from Figures Toy Company….




Okay, okay, I know. I’m always doing these style figures BUT, I haven’t seen one of these up close and personal. Plus who doesn’t love Curly?


Selection 2: X-Metal Earth model




These I’ve seen in the wild and they incredibly difficult BUT I want to take a crack at one. I can see doing a build video with this one.



Selection 3: Superman Apron

Superman Apron


This one has the potential for a lot of fun. I’m thinking if you guys and gals choose this one I’ll do a cooking / recipe video. I’ve got a couple dishes I would like ot share. What? Of course I can cook! Look at me. As a buddy of mine who was a professional chef used to say; “Never trust a skinny cook.” You can totally trust me.


Selection 4: Disney Frozen The Essential Guide Hardcover Book

Frozen book


Like most fathers of little girls, I am quite well versed in all things FROZEN. Or at least I think I am. This one could be fun with my daughter helping out in giving this book a really good once over.


Selection 5: Hamlet Plush Finger Puppet Magnet Set



This is so weird it may actually turn into something cool. If you select this one I’ll put together a puppet show featuring a scene from the play that this set is inspired by. What? Nothing wrong with getting a little culture around this joint.


Okay, there are our contestants. Make your selections via Facebook by commenting on this thread OR email me your choice at . I think this is going to be fun.


Your pal, Jim 07/06/15


Now, Go Play!


Never can get too many KISS’s!  Ever!

I am super stoked for you folks who are making it out to San Diego Comic Con this year. Not for the obvious reasons but also for the SUPER opportunity that you all will get to meet and great with the Hottest band in the world: KISS!  Check out the full release by clicking the pic below and then shop around Entertainment Earth via the links below for some fantastic KISS Exclusive merchandise. Also if you are going to be able to go I want to ask you a HUGE favor. Tell the guys I said “Hi!” and show them the Toy Box site on your smartphone. Get me a picture of this happening and I’ll hook you up with something cool, no idea what just yet but I know it will come with a ton of gratitude! – Now Go Rock N Roll all Night and Party Everyday, and of course PLAY!

Jim – 06/26/15

KISS Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Classic Tin Tote Gift Set - Convention ExclusiveKISS Alive II Stage & Action Figures - Convention ExclusiveKISS Love Gun 1,000-Piece PuzzleKISS Series 5 Dressed to Kill 8-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Love Gun 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures Series 1 SetKISS Album Cover Coaster Set in Guitar Case - Con. Excl.

Jim’s Toy Box Presents: Jim’s interview with the Lucky Southern Star Julie Adams and her reflections from the Black Lagoon.

Greetings gang!

Been forever since I’ve posted in the Toy Box and for that I apologize. I really missed this place more than you can imagine. While this particular feature is not toy related per se it is a wonderful and fantastic opportunity I had that I’ve wanted to share with you all for a very long time. Two years actually. (Don’t worry there’s some new toy stuff coming very soon.)

julieIn February 2013 I got the wonderful opportunity to chat with Ms. Julie Adams about her autobiography / memoir “The Lucky Southern Star: Reflections from the Black Lagoon”. The book itself is fantastic but even more incredible for me was the opportunity to chat one on one with Ms. Adams. Such a wonderful and charming lady that is so bright and inspiring. I feel so terrible that I am just now getting it out to you all. But you know what, I am extremely glad that I have now. I know I needed to hear this again and I hope you take away as much as I did then and now from the conversation we shared those 28 months ago.

I have every intention of doing more with this interview but time can get away from a body and I didn’t want this to linger in the archives any longer. But more importantly I want you all to get the opportunity to enjoy it and also pick up your own copy of the wonderful book that she and her son penned. So much more than a guy in a rubber suit can be found in its pages.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen I present to you, Ms. Julie Adams….

Be sure to visit Ms. Adams official facebook page and of course GET THE BOOK!

Now, Go Play! (and read!)

Jim 06/02/15

<a href=”″><img height=”110″ border=”0″ width=”110″ alt=”Universal Monsters Creature from the Black Lagoon Model Kit” src=”; /></a>

Why Superman matters so much to me…

Superman JimsToy Box

My earliest memory is Superman. The Super friends cartoon gave me a reason to wake up early every morning (I had no concept of what day it actually was so Saturday morning I knew by name but not by calendar position and I didn’t want to take any chances of missing it.). The Superman action figure from Mego, the single most important toy in my toy box (then and now, life is a bit off without one hanging around. Hence why the late 80’s / early 90’s featured some of my more stupid decisions. What? Sounds good to me ;) ) And of course The Adventures of Superman television show That show was the one thing that my Dad and I really shared. George Reeves was HIS Superman and in turn he became mine. God bless Christopher Reeve but I never was totally sold. Sure I believed he could really fly but he was all nutso over a girl. How lame.

Now all these decades later (yes, I’m getting old) I have the unique and awesome opportunity to revisit the magic of my childhood every single day.

My 5 year old daughter loves the Super friends cartoon set that we own on DVD. Matter of fact we watched a handful of episodes before bed last night. We also played with her collection of original Mego and new Re- Mego toys from Figures Toy Company. And how cool is that? As a collector I’ve been able to pick up numerous Mego Superman Mego action figures BUT not until now have I been able to afford my very own, brand spanking new Mego style Superman. First one to free him from the package. First one to hold and pose him,\. The first one to stare into the painted black eyes that sparked my imagination then and now. And then it gets better…  I get to tell everyone about this fantastic new toy during The Adventures of Superman show on our local MeTV affiliate; TKO 8.

That also happens to be my day job where I get to tell stories and create information and entertainment for a living. Yeah that’s a win. Even though my Dad would have preferred me to be a plumber instead of broadcaster, I do believe with this new found perk of the career choice he’s smiling at me as he’s hanging out with his Superman, George Reeves. Yeah, that’s a win.

Now I share with you my first ever commercial that airs during the Adventures of Superman show. Thanks for reading, watching and (hopefully) playing. And for the first time ever, you can buy a Figures Toy Company Superman directly from me. This is another really big deal for me too, but that’s another story. Order through the Paypal button below the video.

Your pal,

Jim 02/13/15

 Bring Kal El Home! 
Superman to buy

ORDER YOUR OWN Figures Toy Company directly from your old buddy Jimbo by clicking the Pic

A fun place to play (and learn a little too)!


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