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Greetings all! Thanks to the fantastic folks at Entertainment Earth I’m going to be offering up some really neat bobble heads for you to add to your collections. These really are cool as you’ll soon se in the coming reviews. You’ll see even better if you win one of the six different ones I have to give away! Get ready for some All American Independence Day fun, gang! Go like and follow the Jim’s Toy Box facebok page to stay up on the details!

uncle sam



Anger is a form of passion. See this face? Full of passion!


I treated myself to this little piece of awesome because quite frankly, it was on sale. I had wanted one prior but the price plus the free Prime two day shipping sealed the deal for me. Would I buy it at full regular retail price. Maybe.

Here’s why:

1. The sculpt is a really good likeness of the character…

2. The body is solid as a rock. Being 8 inches I wasn’t sure what body type it would be considering the current waves of Mego style figures that seem to be all over the place these days (Thank you Jesus!) . But no, this is a solid body design with traditional Mego type articulation. All the pose-ability. None of the fear of breakage.

3. It’s funny.

Why I wouldn’t:
The only real gripe I could pose would be the cheap suit. The material is very thin and lightweight. Not see through but feels thin. From a display standpoint it looks okay but not great and pales in comparison to the suits you’ll find on Figures Toy Company’s KISS Dressed to Kill Figures. Same price point and I’m sure licensing fees are gonna be in the same ballpark so quality should be equal in my opinion. Not a deal breaker though.


Get you one of these angry Anchorman’s today and unleash the fury that can only come from someone that is kind of a big deal.

Now, Go Play! – Jim 06/11/14

Get the whole Team!
Anchorman Battle Ready Brick Tamland 8-Inch Action FigureAnchorman Battle Ready Brian Fantana 8-Inch Action FigureAnchorman Battle Ready Champ Kind 8-Inch Action Figure

What would you do with your Ten Minutes?

Happy Saturday, gang! I am VERY proud and pleased to be able to share this short film with you, not because I’m got a small (read extremely tiny) part in it but because it is an EXCELLENT film made by a bunch of incredibly talent folks. Steal away 17 minutes, enjoy, leave a comment, like, share and spread the word on this one. You folks are on the ground floor of watching a HUGE property be born. Plus you get to see what happens when a child molester crosses the wrong path. Language and the situations are a littles harsh so watch for the little ears.

Happy Birthday Dino! Memories are indeed made of… you!

me and deanOne of my most favorite entertainers of all time was born on this date in 1917. To celebrate I’d like to share with you links back to a few of the nods I’ve give to the King of Cool over the years as well as my most favorite movie from the Martin & Lewis collection; Scared Stiff. Also check out some really neat Dean Martin stuff I just found on ebay. I had never seen any of that stuff before but man oh man has my list to Santa just gotten longer!

I just wish I had more time to really show my appreciation for this remarkable entertainer and to help educate the younger generation on the incredible talent that this man had. Thankfully we have his legacy captured forever in various spots around the web. A good place to start is at the official Dean Martin website as well as his daughter Deana’s page who is quite the entertainer herself. Tell her Jim sent you…. she has no clue who I am of course BUT she will if you do ;) Anyway Happy Birthday and Thank You, Dean. ¬†Memories are indeed made of…. you!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 06/07/14

Dean as a booster

Dean’s Influence

Really NEAT stuff, pally!




Spaceman? No, not really no. Excellent figure though but no, just no.

Well. This is odd…


What an interesting reaction I am having to a figure… Tommy Thayer, Sonic Boom series… just don’t like it. Not the figure itself . It’s superb in quality and design.IMG_20140530_202122_616

KISS400The sculpt is dead on and the hair is rooted better than even the Ace from Alive.

But it’s just not right.

Kaitlynn experimented with different stage set ups too.
Kaitlynn experimented with different stage set ups too.

I actually got it on the cheap to give to my daughter to go along with her Dressed to Kill Paul and Peter¬†(which are EXCELLENT by the way)… these were meant for play but even she wasn’t pleased with what she saw.

Ace took it all in stride.

She actually told her mother “It’s not the right one.” Alicia of course assumed she meant that it wasn’t a DTK figure in a suit. Kaitlynn tried to correct her in explaining that the costume was fine but this figure was not Ace and therefore not right.

IMG_20140530_202109_727I keep staring at it. It puzzles me. Such a great figure on every level but still it’s just not right. Even the old KISS Mego’s where Paul shared a head with Darryl Dragon and Peter shared a nogging with Gene Hackman and as such looked nothing like themselves. But this is different. It’s simply not the Spaceman. It’s a guy from either a tribute band OR it’s the Halloween version of my old buddy Albee dressed up like Ace.


So weird.


Now, Go Play (with caution)

Jim 05/30/14


I’ll throw this out there in an effort to help not only Craig and ZICA toys but also to help every loyal and loving Six Million Dollar fan…. Pre Order the Wave 2 set of figures from Entertainment Earth via THIS link

Six Million Dollar Man Wave 2 Action Figure Set

and I’ll hook you up with a free MeTV t shirt once we get word from Craig that the Wave is a go! As proof please send me a screen shot of your pre order invoice to jimsmegos@yahoo.com and I’ll get back to you on your FREE T-shirt!


From Craig with ZICA Toys:
Based on the recent preorder numbers I’ve received it looks like the SMDM wave 2 assortment is at risk of being canceled. Considering how well wave 1 did I’m more than a little shocked at the low numbers for wave 2. For a small company like mine projects typically live or die based on preorder numbers.



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