Thank you for coming over to play!

Never can get too many KISS’s!  Ever!

I am super stoked for you folks who are making it out to San Diego Comic Con this year. Not for the obvious reasons but also for the SUPER opportunity that you all will get to meet and great with the Hottest band in the world: KISS!  Check out the full release by clicking the pic below and then shop around Entertainment Earth via the links below for some fantastic KISS Exclusive merchandise. Also if you are going to be able to go I want to ask you a HUGE favor. Tell the guys I said “Hi!” and show them the Toy Box site on your smartphone. Get me a picture of this happening and I’ll hook you up with something cool, no idea what just yet but I know it will come with a ton of gratitude! – Now Go Rock N Roll all Night and Party Everyday, and of course PLAY!

Jim – 06/26/15

KISS Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Classic Tin Tote Gift Set - Convention ExclusiveKISS Alive II Stage & Action Figures - Convention ExclusiveKISS Love Gun 1,000-Piece PuzzleKISS Series 5 Dressed to Kill 8-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Love Gun 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures Series 1 SetKISS Album Cover Coaster Set in Guitar Case - Con. Excl.
YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Entertainment Earth Exclusive Dukes of Hazzard Series 3 figures reviewed! Click the pic!!!!!


etting back to my roots.. details soon. For now though, go get you some Re-Mego goodness today from Entertainment Earth. you’ll be glad you did. :)

DC Retro Super Powers 8-Inch Series 1 Action Figure SetBatman DC Super Powers 8-Inch Series 2 Action Figure SetSuperman DC Retro 8-Inch Series 1 Action Figure SetTeen Titans DC Retro Series 1 Action Figure SetWonder Woman DC Retro Series 1 Action Figure Set

toy box copy


Entertainment Earth

3 thoughts on “Thank you for coming over to play!”

  1. I’m patiently waiting for a “Jim’s Toy Box” (featuring Jim’s toy box) new segment entitled: “WHAT’S IN THAT TOY BOX ?!?” .. broadcast/video actually showing Jim reach into that toy box and show off his latest toy surprise !

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